My (bookish) bullet journal! // mostly collections and trackers

Hey everyone! A little while ago I got my very first bullet journal and I’ve been loving it! I don’t use it as a planning tool, but more as somewhere where I can keep track of things! I’ll get right into it, so you can see what I mean! This is going to be a flip through of everything I’ve done so far.


I have the A5 Moleskine Dotted journal in the Underwater Blue colour. I’m really happy with it so far. There is some bleed-through on the pages, but I think it’s an acceptable amount.


There are a few pages before this one, one with my details on, and then two in case I at some point want to make an index. Anyway, this is my intro page for 2018. I got the idea from Pinterest and I really like how it turned out!


Then we have my year at a glance page. It’s quite simple and I like it that way. I think this is a very useful page and I’d recommend including it in your bullet journal! (If you haven’t already.) On the righthand side I have my 2018 goals. Again, I found the geometrical design on Pinterest. I’m really happy with how it turned out!


Then we have my swimming tracker. The bar graph on the left represents the distance I’ve swum whilst the waves represent how many times I went swimming. It’s one of my goals to go swimming at least 40 times this year and this is a very useful way to keep track. I also left some space in the corner on the right to keep a tally in case I go more that 40 times. As you can see there is a bit of smudging. Because of that I switched over to my Staedtler pigment liners ( size 0.2 and sometimes 0.6) for the other pages. These haven’t smudged once.


Next up are my period and stats tracker. There both quite simple and straightforward so I decorated the pages a bit with a space theme. For the period tracker I have 365 boxes which I can colour in of necessary. For privacy reasons I covered the months that’ve passed already. For the stats tracker I’m going to write down my blog followers, blog views and Twitter followers each month. I don’t really focus on these numbers, but it’s nice to see your blog grow.


I love this page as it looks very aesthetically pleasing to me. It’s not finished though. I still have to colour in the country’s I’ve been to before 2018 and the country I’ll be visiting with my family this summer. It’ll look great. In the box I’m going to write down the date of my trips and where I went. I’ve only included Europe as I know I wont be travelling anywhere else this year.


This is another straightforward spread; it’s a list of every movie or TV show I watched in 2018. In the bottom right corner I attempted to draw some popcorn.


Now we’re getting into the bookish spreads! This is my 2018 TBR which is split in two parts. On the left side I have a stack of books I’m unhauling if I haven’t read them by the end of the year. Once I’ve read a book, I colour it in. As you can see it’s going pretty well. The design I got from Google Images. On the right side I have some shelves with books I’d like to read. Most of these are on my diverse 2018 TBR list, but there are a few others too. I’ve left some space in case I want to add more.


On this page I’m going to track how many books I read and buy each month. For example, I read 6 books in January and I bought none.


These might be the most important pages in my bullet journal. For every book I finish I write down the title and the author on the left side. Then I color the boxes if necessary.

  • Reread?
  • rating
  • where did I get if from?
  • In what format did I read it?
  • Is it a POC author?
  • the author’s gender
  • the main character’s gender
  • Do I consider it diverse? if yes : Sexuality and gender/ ethnicity / disability and mental illness / religion
  • the age category
  • the language I read it in

Every month has a different colour. I’m going in the order of the rainbow. These are also the colours that are going to come back in the months, as you’ll see in a moment. This page will be extremely helpful to me throughout the year. I’ve also left a few blank pages after this in case I read more.


This is the last of the year-long collection pages I have so far. I think it’ll be interesting to see how long the books I read are and what genres I read most!

Between this page and the next I’m going to make a January Memories page, but I haven’t got to it yet. Straight into February it is!


For the February title page I went with a geometrical design and I really like how it turned out! As you can see, my colour for February is pink. On the right side I have my February reading page. In the big box I’m keeping track of which books I read with some space left in the flag to write down how many. Then I have a box for how many pages I read and one for the best and the worst book. I also have a box for something special to do with reading. This month that’s the Contemporary-a-thon!


One of my goals this year is to focus on a specific habit each month. In January I did a social media detox whilst this month I’m focusing on moisturizing my legs. It’s something I don’t do enough. Anyway, I created this page to keep track. It’s going quite well! I went with a Valentine’s day theme.


And last but not least I have this overview for the Contemporary-a-thon. On the left I have a box for my possible TBR and one for the challenges. On the right I’ll write down the books I finish and the page count. I like how this turned out!

That’s it for my bullet journal so far. I hope you enjoyed this post and that you maybe even found some inspiration! See you next time!

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!


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35 thoughts on “My (bookish) bullet journal! // mostly collections and trackers

  1. Oh my goodness, your journal is so inspiring! I love the way you have everything laid out, especially your book and reading stats. I journal, but I’ve never done bullet journaling before. I’m totally going to give it a go! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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  2. Omg I absolutely love this! I’ve been admiring bullet journals for a while now and I’ve thought about getting one but I just never knew where to start. I might use yours for inspiration in the future! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Omg, this is one of the most adorable and useful way to track book stuff. Usually I see people compromise on the functionality just for being artsy, yet you maintained a cool balance between them. I will be sharing this post on my Sunday post this week.

    P.S. I found you through the Commenting 365 Challenge. Glad to meet you

    Liked by 1 person

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