2018 Bookish goals // Mid-year check-in!

As 6 months of the year have already gone by, it’s time to check up on my goals for 2018! How have I done so far? Did it go well? Have I failed? Let’s see! Continue reading


Mid-Year Stats // Analysing the books I’ve read + how diverse have they been?

Hey everyone! We’re already halfway through the year. Can you believe that? This gives me the opportunity to write a type of post I love. Today, I’m going to share my reading stats and analyse what I’ve read on different levels!

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My reading year 2017 // an overview, stats, opinions and more!

2017 was an awesome reading year for me. I slowly made my way (and still am) through the best YA books from the past years. Seriously, through finding the book community it is as if a whole new world of books opened for me. The book community itself was amazing too this year. I feel so welcome here!It’s been fantastic connecting with people all over the world!

Anyway, in this post I’m going to give you an overview of everything I read in the past year, my stats and what I thought of those books! Continue reading