My Eastern-Europian road trip pt. 4 Venice // Travel

Today I’m writing the last post about my Eastern-Europian road trip! The last thing we did on this trip was Venice and it was amazing! I had never been there and it was such a pleasant surprise. I didn’t want to set my expectations too high as I didn’t want to be let down. Anyway, let’s get into this post! Continue reading


Amsterdam was very gezellig // Travel

Today I’m blogging about something completely different, my love for travel. I love to discover new places and make new memories. I just came back from a two-day trip to Amsterdam and I loved it! It was a school trip, but we don’t have to write a report or anything. I actually really didn’t mind some teachers were there. We were lucky to have the best teachers and it was really fun. Since it was a school trip almost all my school friends were there and we made tons of awesome memories. Continue reading