Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

So today I’m doing a good old tag and I’m joining the bandwagon, because the tag is the Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag. I don’t know who was the original creator, but it wasn’t me. I believe it originated somewhere on YouTube, but I could be wrong. I was tagged by the amazing Nadwa over at Painfully Fictional. She has a beautiful blog and I definitely recommend checking it out!

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Fight like a YA girl tag // We need these empowering ladies

Today I’m doing a good old tag, the FIght like a YA girl tag! I was tagged by Mandy over at @bookprincessreviews! You should definitely check her out! She really is amazing! The tag was created by Krysti over at @YAandwine. I’m very excited to do this tag, because it seems perfect for me. I really believe empowering ladies are highly necessary in YA and I’m happy to share those I’ve already encountered!

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The New Disney Princess Book Tag

So I know my last post was also a tag, but I was to excited for this one to! It was created by Zuky@BookBum and Mandy@bookprincessreviews. I’ve been following Mandy for a while now and I must say her blog is awesome! Zuky’s blog is really cool too, so I recommend checking them both out!


  • Mention where you saw the tag/thank whoever tagged you because that’s always good fun
  • Tag Book Princess Reviews and Zuky with our posts so we can check out the wonderful Princess fun throughout the blog world
  • Play a game of tag at the end!

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Rip it or Ship it book tag // Love is in the air!

Today I’m going to do the Rip it or Ship it book tag! This seems like a really fun tag, so although I wasn’t tagged, I’m doing it anyway! If you don’t know what this tag is, this is what you have to do:

  • Choose a few books that you have read
  • Write down a select few of the characters names from each book and place the names in a jar or bowl
  • Randomly select two names and decide if you would rip or ship their relationship

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The Goodreads book tag // because Goodreads is amazing!

I was tagged by Nadwa @painfullyfictional to do the Goodreads book tag. She has an amazing blog, so definitely go and check her out! I love Goodreads. It’s the perfect way to keep track of the books I’ve read and what I thought of them, the books I want to read, my yearly reading challenge and much more. I would love to be your friend! This is my profile.

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The Nintendo book tag.

A big thank you to both Nadwa @painfullyfictional and Mandy @bookprincessreviews  for tagging me to do this fun tag! They both have amazing blogs I highly recommend checking out! I’ve been following both of them for a while now :)! To be honest I don’t really know a lot about Nintendo. I had a Nintendo DS when I was younger and I really liked it, but for the rest, I’m clueless. Nonetheless this seems like a fun tag, so let’s get started! Continue reading