Blogging Hiatus // When life gets too busy

Hi everyone! I’m writing this post to apologize for not being around lately. I’ve been really busy and as all of me fellow bloggers know, blogging takes time. Time I haven’t found recently. I currently have exams and it’s a lot of work. In the free time I do have I opt to read instead of blog because A) It’s more relaxing and B) you can’t really blog about books if you don’t read them, can you? As much as I miss blogging I wont be back in another two weeks. After that I will have two weeks of vacation and I’m already  looking forward to all the time I’ll have! So again, I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting, but I simply have too much other things to do. I’ll see you in two weeks!



The Amsterdam book tag

Today I am bringing you the Amsterdam book tag, a fun tag for which I was tagged by Tiana over at Thebookraven to do. A big thanks to her! She has an awesome blog and you should definitely go check her out! I’m really late with this tag, but better late than never I suppose?


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