Review policy & Ratings

First and foremost, I want to say that I love to review books and share my thoughts. If you want to send a review request, please read the review policy below.


I mainly read young adult literature. I don’t read middle grade, nor do I read new adult. I do make exceptions for adult books from time to time. Yet as a 17-year-old, YA is the age category I’m most comfortable with.

My prefered genre is contemporary, but I read fantasy, science-fiction and historical fiction as well. I don’t read horror, thrillers, paranormal romance or poetry.

I’ll accept both physical books and e-books.

All my reviews are honest and I will always state my personal opinion. As much as I love to write positive reviews, please remember that I might not like the book and thus my review might not be as positive as you would have hoped for in that case.

If you wish to send me a review request, I would be most honoured! This is the e-mail address where you can contact me:


Both on my blog and on my Goodreads I use the five-star rating system. Everyone uses it a bit differently though, so below you can find an explanation of what each rating means to me. I rate based on enjoyment and my feelings.


I loved the book. The characters, plot, world-building and writing style were great. I would most highly recommend it.


The book was great. I highly enjoyed it. Yet, it missed something for me. I will always state what that is and why I thus extracted a star.


I enjoyed this book. It had enough to hold my interest. The characters and plot were fun, but nothing special. I would still recommend it.


I disliked the book. I didn’t enjoy reading it and I would not recommend it.


I hated the book. It was terrible. I would absolutely not recommend it.

At times I will use a half star rating. This is when I feel like one rating is not enough and the other is too much. As this is not a possibility on Goodreads I’ll put the rating I lean towards most on there.