A plastic-free journey // the start

Hey everyone! Today’s post is quite different. There is a project I’m starting and I wanted to share my progress here on my blog. This is the start. From now on, I’ll write down all plastic I throw away. I hope to notice things I can change. I think writing it down will help me realise how bad the situation is. I mean, we have all seen the pictures of the plastic in the oceans and the animals. I want to make changes in my own life. It’s the best place to start, right?

I want to preface these posts by saying that I don’t think I’ll ever be plastic-free. I’d say ‘ journey’ is the most important word in the title. However, I want to focus on the positives and change what I can to work towards a lower impact.

In this series, I’ll share my experiences and give you tips based on what I implement myself. Let’s see where this goes!

See you next time. Love,

eva 2.0