The Versatile blogger award + One lovely blogger award

Today I’m bringing you two awards, The versatile blogger award and One lovely blogger award. First and foremost I want to thank to two lovely bloggers that nominated me for these awards.

Ellie over at Ellie’s Bookshelf has a lovely blog! Her posts put a smile to my face, so definitely go check her out!

Mandy over at bookprincessreviews has a great blog too! She loves Disney Princesses and she always gives her posts a unique touch. She’s a really nice person too, so definitely go have a look at her blog!

Just like Mandy I am combining these two awards, because I think it’s a really smart thing to do and I’m really bad at coming up with interesting facts about me. So without further ado, let’s get started! Continue reading

The emoji book tag

Today I’ll do a fun tag, it’s called The emoji book tag! Thank you so much to Nadwa over at PainfullyFictional for tagging me! She has an awesome blog, you should totally check it out! This tag involves, you guessed it, emojis and books! I love emojis, I use them on a daily basis and of course I love books! You have to select five emojis and then link them to a book. This seems like it’s going to be fun, so let’s get started!


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Review Like no other by Una LaMarche

Today I will be reviewing Like no other by Una LaMarche. It has been a while since I last did a review, so I’m excited to do this!

Like no other was a fun, enjoyable and very diverse read. Before we get started I wanted to mention that in our local library they put the first four letters of an author last name on the spine, for organizational reason and so on my copy of this book it says on the spine that it was written by a lama.

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