Amsterdam was very gezellig // Travel

Today I’m blogging about something completely different, my love for travel. I love to discover new places and make new memories. I just came back from a two-day trip to Amsterdam and I loved it! It was a school trip, but we don’t have to write a report or anything. I actually really didn’t mind some teachers were there. We were lucky to have the best teachers and it was really fun. Since it was a school trip almost all my school friends were there and we made tons of awesome memories. Continue reading

Thank you!! + Q&A announcement

This morning I woke up with the most awesome notification on my phone. This is what it said:

Screenshot_2017-04-09-09-23-53Thank you so much! I know a 100 followers isn’t a lot for some people, but for me it’s my first big milestone and I couldn’t be happier! So thank you to everyone that has taken the time to look at my blog, to like, to comment, to follow me, … I’m entirely grateful for all of you!

14593213_730792650406721_1433710483_n Continue reading

Blogging Hiatus // When life gets too busy

Hi everyone! I’m writing this post to apologize for not being around lately. I’ve been really busy and as all of me fellow bloggers know, blogging takes time. Time I haven’t found recently. I currently have exams and it’s a lot of work. In the free time I do have I opt to read instead of blog because A) It’s more relaxing and B) you can’t really blog about books if you don’t read them, can you? As much as I miss blogging I wont be back in another two weeks. After that I will have two weeks of vacation and I’m already  looking forward to all the time I’ll have! So again, I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting, but I simply have too much other things to do. I’ll see you in two weeks!