2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up // Lots of trackers and collections!

Hey everyone! It’s time for a really exciting post! I’ve been looking forward to showing you my bullet journal set-up for the new year! This is the start of my second bujo year! I use my bujo quite different from the usual person as I don’t use it for planning. For me it’s a place to track several aspects of my life. I thus have lots of trackers and collections to share with you!

I also posted 2018’s set-up on my blog! You can find that here! In case you are looking for more inspiration 🙂

IMG_20181213_124703 I decided to pick another brand of journal this year and went for the hardcover, medium, dotted Leuchttrum 1917 in the nordic blue colour. So far, I’m happy with its quality. I love that it comes with two bookmarks! I decided to go for this journal as it’s quite popular within the bujo community.

Last year I used a Moleskine. I experienced a lot of ghosting and the pages came a bit loose from time to time. So I decided to change things up. I do prefer Moleskine’s sizing over Leuchttrum’s. Moleskine’s 24 by 40 boxes was a lot easier to work with than Leuchttrum’s 26 by 37.

That brings me to a page I created at the very end of my new journal : the measurements spread. This will be very handy for setting up my spreads in the future. On the lefthand side I wrote out the number of boxes and drew lines for halves, thirds and quarters, both horizontally and vertically. If I need it, I can always add more measurements.
On the righthand side, I drew out boxes and their measurements, also both vertically and horizontally. If I want to split the pages into boxes, this will become very useful indeed.

I quickly wanted to touch upon the fact that half of my journal is in Dutch and the other in English. It might seem weird to you, but that’s how my brain works, so I just went for it 🙂

Now let’s get into my actual 2019 set-up! The Leuchttrum 1917 comes with a printed index, but I didn’t decorate it as I don’t see myself using it. We’ll see what happens. Maybe that’ll change.

The plan was to start the year with a 2019 cover page. However, I still haven’t created it. I find it stressful as I want to very first page to be perfect. I promise you I’ll share this page in my January set-up!


PS. Sorry for the dark pictures. It’s winter here.

The first page I have already made is my 2019 at a glance. I purposefully kept it quite minimal. The spread needs to fit with all the themes I create throughout the year. I didn’t include a future log as I don’t use this journal for planning. Not having a future log, was even more reason for me to include this page, so I still have the calendar.

On the other side I have my 2019 goals set-up. I split the page in goals and guidelines. In the goal’s box I wrote the things I want to accomplish that I can measure, for example: I want to read 3 ‘new to me’ classics. In the guideline’s box I wrote the goals I can’t measure, they are more things I would like to live by. For example, I want to let myself take more breaks. This is more a box of reminders than anything else.


Next up I have two health trackers. One of my goals this year is to train my leg muscles. The better my leg muscles are, the less strain there is on my knees. Since I have quite a few problems with my knees, that’s a really good thing. On the left side I created a spread to keep track of when I’m doing exercises. I drew out a full calendar and I’m going to colour in the days when I’m exercising. If I coloured in at least 20 boxes in a month, I get to fill in that particular part of the trophy. I’m hoping this system will motivate me and keep me accountable.

On the right side I have a period tracker and a lunar calendar. I thought it would be fun to combine the two. The system is quite simple. I’ll colour the days I have my period red on the calendar.


Then I have an ‘I’m done … ‘ page. I got the idea on Pinterest. I wrote down a list of things I would like to stop doing in 2019. Writing down this list was helpful and it’ll serve as a reminder throughout the year.

On the right side I have one of my favourite spreads, even though it’s very simple. At the top I wrote: ‘I’m proud of …’ All throughout 2019 I will write down the things I’m proud of accomplishing, the small and the big things. I’m hoping I will become more conscious of all the good things I’m doing. This will help me love myself more. I even hope this page fills up quickly, so I have to add another later in the year!


Furthermore, I have a travel page set-up. I drew out a map of Europe using a transfer method. It’s not perfect, but Europe’s hella tricky to draw, so I’m okay with it. I chose to only include Europe as I don’t see myself travelling to another continent this year. In the box, I’ll write down the specific destinations and when I travelled there. Below it, I have a simple key: before 2019 and in 2019. I still need to decide my colour code.


I included this spread in last year’s set-up and I love it! It’s so interesting to look back on a year of movies and tv shows. I always used to forget which shows I watched and loved, but now I have a nice overview. Of course, I had to create the page again. I doodled a bit in the corners and I’m happy with how it turned out!


Next is a spread that relates to this blog. On the left side, I created a category tracker. I’ll give each category its own colour and fill in the boxes of the days I put out a post in the corresponding colour. (I still need to choose the colour code.) This way I have a nice overview and I can see which categories need some more love.
On the left I created a box for brainstorming and writing down post ideas. I decorated with an illustration I cut out of the 2016 Flow magazine calendar.
On the bottom I included a place for monthly stats. I left a bit of space to write down the yearly totals.


Now we get into the bookish trackers! Firstly, there’s books bought vs. read. Every month I drew a bar graph of the amount of books I read and the amount of books I added to my collection. It’s really interesting to see and it keeps me accountable not to buy too many books.


Now we have my big ‘Books read in 2019’ spread. I think the bookcase spreads you see all over the community are really cute, but I like to keep track of more things. For every book I finish I write down the title and author on the left side. Then I colour in the boxes if necessary:

  • star rating
  • re-read?
  • Where did it come from?
  • format?
  • author : POC? LGBTQ+ ? gender?
  • main character’s gender?
  • Diverse? If yes how: sexuality and gender, ethnicity, disability and mental illness, or religion?
  • age range?
  • language?

I love all the stats this spread gives me! It’s one of the most important spreads in my bujo. After this two page spread, I left four more blank to extend this list when necessary. Last year, I had three double page spreads. (The last isn’t fully filled up though.)


Furthermore, I have a spread for my TBR. I drew out some bookshelves with some plants. I think it’s cute. As you can see, I still haven’t decided what’ll go on my TBR. I really need to do that soon. When I do, I’ll fill in the titles on the spines. Once I’ve read a book, I’ll colour in its spine. I drew too many books for my TBR, because I like the look of some filled in and some blank books.

On the right side, I created a page to keep a tally of the nationality of the authors I’m reading. I included this, so I would be more conscious about reading from a diverse set of authors. I haven’t filled in any countries yet. I’ll do that as I go.


I also made a tally for pages and genres of the books I’m reading. I’m curious to see how long the books are on average and in which genres they fall. I wrote down some genres I think I’ll be reading, but left some space to add genres. Also, I know classics aren’t a genre, but I included them here as I want to keep track of them too.
Last year, This was a double-page spread, but that really wasn’t necessary, so I only used a single page this year.

The very last page of this set-up is a ‘things to try’ page. In 2019, I’d like to continue trying new things. I thought it would be fun to start a list of ideas!

What did you think? Did I give you some inspiration? Do you have a bullet journal?

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by!


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7 thoughts on “2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up // Lots of trackers and collections!

  1. I love all these spreads! The travel page looks AMAZING, oh my goodness. I also adore your more detailed book spreads, I think it’d be great to keep track of more than just which books you’ve read like that. This really inspired me to think about what I’m going to be putting in my own bullet journal for 2019 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this! You did such a good job in creating spreads that you know will work for you. I also love the order you made them in and the style of each page. I will defiantly be attempting to recreate at least 2 of these spreads.

    Liked by 1 person

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