July Bullet Journal Set-up

Hey! How are you? I know this is quite late, but never late then never, right? In July I went with a music theme and red, white and black as a colour scheme. Let me show you!


Don’t mind the left side. That’s from last month. On the right side, however, I have this month’s cover page. I purposefully drew this a bit cartoon-y!


This is the very first time that I did a boxed calendar spread. I like how much space it gives me, as July is quite a busy month. I decorated the page with a singing bird and some lyrics from the song Basia by Eleonor. I’m not really happy with the title, but it is what it is.


Then I have my standard reading spread. (I didn’t include the blogging spread, as there’s space enough to add that to the monthly calendar.) I used the grey paper as a cover up. I originally created something else, but hated how it turned out. I do quite like how it looks now.

On the right hand side, I have my gratitude spread. I also quite like how this one turned out.



To decorate my two lines a day spread, I drew a casette tape and added lyrics from Bad Guy by Billie Eillish. I really like how it turned out.


For my habit tracker I drew tiny calendars as if they were albums. I really like how it turned out! I notice now that I forgot to write out the habits, but don’t worry, they have been filled out by now.

As always, my sleep log consists of a graph of when I’m sleeping and a graph of the amount of hours I’m sleeping, with the red line representing the 8 hour mark.


Lastly, I added a playlist as a fun extra page. These are some of the songs I’m loving at the moment.

In case you are interested, I created a Spotify playlist with the songs I mentioned in this set-up!

I hope you like this month’s set-up! Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!


eva 2.0

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