Why I’m giving out more low ratings

Over the recent months I’ve made a shift in my rating system that resulted in more low star ratings. Today, I wanted to have a conversation with you about it.

Since I started rating my books, I’ve always used the five star rating system. However, I used to interpret the numbers differently. This was how it used to be:

1⭐ I absolutely hated it.

2⭐ I hated it.

3⭐ I didn’t really like it.

4⭐ I liked it.

5⭐ I loved it.

Using this rating system meant that I had more numbers to express that I didn’t like a book than to express that I actually liked it. 1 and 2 were basically the same thing to me. This meant that I was using a lot of half ratings and even quarters of ratings.

I decided this needed to change. So, I rethought my system. This is what it looks like now:

1⭐ I hated it.

2⭐ I didn’t like it.

3⭐ I liked it.

4⭐ I really liked it.

5⭐ I loved it.

Makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it? This switch means that what used to be a three star is now a two. And that’s exactly why I seem to be giving out a lot more low ratings. It’s also the reason why I’m giving out fewer five star ratings. A book really needs to be perfect now in order for me to give it a five star.

What do you think? What does your rating system look like?

Thanks for reading! See you next time!


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11 thoughts on “Why I’m giving out more low ratings

  1. your rating system makes a lot of sense! mine is a mess haha I usually give one star for books I hated, probably didn’t even finish. two for books I didn’t like, but managed to get to the end of. three for books I enjoyed, they’re okay. four for books I liked/really liked, and five for books I loved. but I always manage to give a rating with different meanings and interpretations every time haha

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  2. This rating system is similar to mine, but I will also be putting a note in my reviews as to what that current rating means to me just because it may change in the future and everyone has a different system. Yours makes a lot of sense and I think your readers will be able to take away an accurate idea of your feelings about the book!

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  3. Rating systems can be so hard to figure out, so I understand the struggle! I was using a 5 Star rating system until recently, but then I decided to change it up. Now I do an emoji-inspired system that looks something like this:

    ❤️ = I Loved It
    👍 = I Liked it
    😐 = It was meh.
    👎 = I Disliked it

    This way makes more sense to my wacky brain because I don’t have to think about half-stars and what not. But who knows – maybe it isn’t as easy to understand sense the 5 star system is so universal? Anyways, I think your new system makes a lot of sense! I wish you all the good luck going forward 💛

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