March Bullet Journal Set-up // elegant and minimal

It’s time for my March bullet journal set-up! I’m really excited to show you what I created! Since I was away at the end of February, I had to create this quickly when March had already started. Because of that I went for a minimal and elegant style. Let me show you!


For the cover page, I went with a simple M to represent March. I like the style of typography I used. Below, I added a simple calendar. On the right side, I created my gratitude spread. I went for an elegant handwritten font. There’s a line for each day of the month to write what I’m grateful for that day.


Following, I have my reading and blogging spread. I have the same categories on my reading spread as each month: books read, pages read, the best and the worst. On the blogging side, I drew a vertical calendar lay-out, where I can write which posts I’m putting out.


I also have my memories spread set-up. I didn’t add any pink yet as I’ll do that when creating the collage.


Then I created March’s ‘two lines a day’ spread. I’ve been loving this as I’ve always liked the idea of a diary. Yet, I could never keep up with one. These two lines are about all I can master. I love that I’m recording the memories, though.


Lastly, there’s my sleep log and habit tracker. For the sleep log, I have two trackers. The one on the left keeps track of when I slept whilst the one on the right tracks the amount of hours I slept. The dotted line represents the 8 hour mark as I aim to sleep at least 8 hours each night. For my habit tracker I kept my tiny calendar layout. This month however, I didn’t write out the numbers. At the end of March, I’ll see what I prefer. Bullet journaling is about trying new things after all. Looking back at this spread, I wish I wrote the habits smaller. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

What do you think? Do you like this minimal style? Do you have a bujo? What is your theme?

That’s all for this month’s set-up. Overall, I love how it turned out. I would definitely recommend this style, if you’re limited on time. Thanks for stopping by!


eva 2.0

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