Analysing my 2018 books!

Hey everyone! How are you? Today, I’m writing one of my favourite posts! I’ll be analysing my reading in the past year and looking at some stats. It’s really fun! I’ll also be asking myself how diverse I actually read in the past year. Let’s get into it!

I created an overview of all the books I read right here. In total, there were 80 books! That amounts to 24 335 pages. My average rating was 3.712 of those 80 books were re-reads.



I gave the majority of the books three or more stars. I’m really happy about that! it means that I enjoyed the books I read in the past year.



My most-read genre of 2018 is fiction, but within that contemporary stands out. The other genres are quite evenly split.



This is as expected. I read mostly YA and adult books, with a few middle grade novels thrown in.



I prefer shorter books, so it isn’t surprising I have quite a lot of books in the 1 – 300 region. What does surprise me is that I read 14 novels over 400 pages. I thought I had read less of those.



This year I discovered that I prefer reading in English over reading in my mother tongue Dutch. I’m thus not surprised that I read predominantly English books.



This year I read 53 that I consider diverse. (They have one or more significant diverse elements. I didn’t count books with a single black side character, for example.) As you can see about 66% of my books were diverse. I’m happy with my improvement over last year! I can still do better though.

diverse how

I split those 53 diverse books into categories as I was interested in which diverse aspects I was reading. Overall, I’m happy about how it’s divided.

  • sexuality and gender
  • ethnicity
  • disability and mental illness
  • religion


When it comes to the authors’ ethnicity, I read predominantly white authors. This is an area I’d like to vastly improve on in 2019.

author gender

I read largely female authors in 2018. I don’t find that surprising and frankly, it doesn’t bother me at all.


As for the gender of the main character, it’s quite evenly divided. In the ‘other’ category, I mostly have books with multiple points of view.

Those are all the stats I have to share today. I hope you enjoyed this post! It’s one of my favourites to write! Thanks for reading. See you next time!


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