January Bullet Journal // New Year’s Party theme

Happy New Year! I wish you an amazing year full of great experiences and new things and people! To start the new year well I’ve set-up my January bullet journal. I chose a party / New Year’s theme, to keep the festive spirit going. I really like how it turned out!

You can find my previous bujo posts here for more inspiration.


In my last bullet journal post, I hadn’t yet set-up my 2019 cover page. I promised I’d share it in this post, so here it is! I went with a swirly pattern and love how it turned out!

The rest of my 2019 set-up I shared in this post. 🙂


I absolutely love how my January cover page turned out! As you can see, I wrote out the month’s name in gold and decorated with fireworks in several colours. It’s quite simple yet so stunning. I chose gold and two shades of blue as my accent colours this month. I liked the combination.


Furthermore, I have my usual reading and blogging pages. My reading page consist of three boxes: books read, pages read and the best / worst of the month. I used this system all throughout last year and really liked it. So I kept it of course. I decorated the page with a sticker from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers of a dancing couple. It really fit the theme. I also added a little sparkle.

On the right side I have my blogging page. On this simple calendar I plan out my blog posts. I usually plan them in pencil and ink them once a post is written and ready to go up. This gives me the freedom to switch things around quite easily. I decorated the page with a little firework doodle.


Next up are my trackers! On the left side you can see my habit tracker. I went for a layout with individual calendars. I find it gives a really nice overview. As fun as last month was, it wasn’t very practical, so I switched things up again. I had some space on the bottom of the page, so I wrote out a quote that fit with this time of year!

On the other side I created a sleep tracker. I really want to get some good sleep in the coming month, and this will motivate me to concentrate on it. For each day of the month I wrote the hours down. I’ll colour in the moments when I’m asleep in the lighter blue colour. I wrote the title of the spread in banners to keep with the theme.


I’ve always loved the idea of a diary, but I’ve never properly kept up with one. Last year, I decided to try a different way and I’m happy to say I kept up with it all year! Basically, I wrote two lines about my day in a separate calendar. This year I decided to do it in my bullet journal and that’s how this spread came to be. You can’t really see it, but I wrote the numbers 1 – 31 in the blue dots. I decorated the page with two party hats.


Then there’s my memories spread. At the end of each month I use this space to scrapbook about the month’s memories. I love doing it and I love looking back on it. Especially now that 2018 is over, it’s really fun to look back on all twelve of my memories spreads!


And last but not least, there’s my gratitude spread. Each day I’ll write down something I’m grateful for. So that at the end of January I’ll have 31 things I was really grateful for! I added an illustration of a gramophone in the corner and drew some music notes. As usual, the illustration came from the 2016 Flow magazine calendar.

I hope you enjoyed this set-up and that you found some inspiration! Have fun with your bullet journals in the new year!


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6 thoughts on “January Bullet Journal // New Year’s Party theme

  1. This is so cute! I’ve tried again and again to do a bullet journal, but I always give up. I’ve got a mini one that I’m just using for small things — like “stationary bike rides” and “books to read,” because my creativity skills suck when it comes to drawing. I’ve got a more structured planner that I found on Amazon, but it’s still not really what I’d love to do. I guess I don’t want to take the time to learn lol

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