2019 bookish goals // Let’s get these accomplished!

Hey everyone! How are you? I hope you’re good! Merry Christmas to those celebrating! Today I wanted to talk to you about my 2019 bookish goals. I wrapped my 2018 goals up in a previous post, so I was inspired to set some new goals. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

I want to read at least three new classics.

I recycled this goal from last year as I really liked it. I would like to expand my knowledge of classics and find some more I really love. When I say ‘new classics’ I mean those that are new to me, so re-reading doesn’t count. Three might seem like a small number, but I really wanted to keep this goal achievable. Last year, I noticed I read more than three, but still had a stress-free experience.

I want to read more diverse books.

I made a lot of progress in both 2017 and 2018 when it comes to the amount of diverse books I read. I’m proud of that, but there’s still room for improvement. In 2019 I would like to read from even more new perspectives. I would also like to pay some more attention to the author’s whose books I’m reading and make sure they’re not all white, cis-gendered, straight, able-bodied, etc.

I want to participate in a readathon.

I included this goal as I have a lot of fun during readathons. However, I have a tendency to let them go by without participating since they’re also quite stressful. At least they are to me. I’m hoping to choose a readathon during school breaks so that I don’t stress as much.

I want to read the books on my 2019 TBR.

This goal is quite straightforward. I’ll show you my TBR in a post soon, but at the moment I’m still going back and forth on which books to choose. I can already tell you Circe by Madeline Miller and something by Virginia Woolf will be on the list!

I’m not setting a Goodreads goal.

In 2017 I had a reading challenge and in 2018 I didn’t. Even though I surpassed my challenge with 30 books in 2017, I was still stressed out by it. I didn’t like the pressure I put on myself. So, in 2018 I refrained from setting a goal and loved how relaxed I was. I might have read 10 books less this year, but still prefer not setting the challenge.

I’m setting my goal to one book so my friends can still see how many books I’ve read and how I’m doing. Personally, I wouldn’t call one book a challenge though.

That’s all! I deliberately kept my goals quite simple and within reach. This way, I will actually work towards them instead of being overwhelmed 🙂

Are you setting bookish goals? Is there a classic you would recommend to me?

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! See you next time!


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