November Bullet Journal Set-Up!

Hey everyone! How are you doing today? I hope you’re good. It’s yet again time for another bullet journal set-up. For November, I continued the fall vibes from October. I’m happywith how it turned out!

You can find my previous bullet journal posts here


I kept the cover page very simple. Both of the illustrations on these pages I cut out from the 2016 Flow magazine calendar. The squirrel is so cute! I loved the warmth that the stove radiates! On the right side I have my classic reading spread. I changed it up last month, but I still prefer it as you see above. There’s a box for the books I’ve read, one for the amount of pages and one for the best and the worst book of the month.


Next up is my usual memories spread. I always keep it simple, so I have a lot of space to fill up with memories! In the corner I stuck another illustration from that calendar. I loved this cheerful umbrella!


Here I have a new kind of spread. I haven’t shown you this yet, but last month I incorporated a spread to plan my blog posts. I loved it and thus added it to this month’s set-up as well. As decoration I doodled a scarf that I wanted to be a little messy.

Last but not least for November, I have my habit tracker. I changed its layout again as I’m still searching for what I like best. I loved last month’s, but I couldn’t come up with anything to doodle. I went for tiny calendars this time. The page looks quite colourless at the moment, but once I’ll be marking my habits that’ll change. To fill up space, I added a quote in the bottom corner.

And the sun took a step back,
the leaves lulled themselves to sleep
and autumn was awakened.

– Raquel Franco


Before I sign off, let me show you these spreads from last month. On the left, I had the same blogging spread, this time with a cute ghost doodled in the corner.

On the right I made a spread to keep track of my social media detox. I haven’t mentioned this on my blog, but on the 7th of October, I decided to stop spending any time on social media for the rest of the month. I needed another detox. As you can see it’s going well. For every day I succeed in avoiding social media, I get to colour in an autumn themed doodle!

That’s all for November’s set-up. I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration from it. Thanks for reading! See you next time!


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