Guess the book! // Let’s play a game together

Hey everyone! How are you today? I hope you’re good! It has been raining non-stop here in Belgium: the perfect weather to stay inside and play a game! I also wanted to have fun with you, my readers, so I came up with a game to play here! Let’s get started!

How it works:

  • I’ll give you a bad / vague / funny / short synopsis of a book.
  • In the comments, you have to guess which books I was talking about.
  • In the comments, you also leave one vague synopsis, so the game can continue on!

That’s it 🙂 I tried to choose from a variety of classics, adult literature and YA.

The Game

1. Two men are too proud for their own good. One man causes a plague that kills a lot of his men. The other stops fighting, which also results in his men dying. They both die in the end. Surprisingly, there’s no wooden horse.

2. The one where the author apologized for the cliffhanger and then ended the book in another one. Fans still love him though. He’s funny.

3. Girl looses foot while running away from a space queen. Prince develops a foot fetish later on. More shenanigans happen.

4. Neat freak is pressured into stealing and going away from home. There’s a dragon.

5. 5 criminals and a cinnamon roll plan a heist.

6. Moody teen complains a lot and walks through the city. There’s a red hat. (Tip: I strongly disliked this book.)

7. War. Girl steals books. Bombs. Death.

8. 4 boys befriend a girl. They go to a forest. Some wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

9. A boy visits some planets. People are strange, but he loves his rose.

10. A women tells her life story. Which of these seven men did she truly love? Plottwist!

Which books am I referring too?


Let me know what you think!

That’s all for today’s game. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading. See you next time!


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20 thoughts on “Guess the book! // Let’s play a game together

  1. Okay, I got these:
    1. They Both Die at the End. (I actually haven’t read it, I’m taking a really wild guess haha)
    2. Sounds like Rick Riordan?
    3. Cinder
    5. Six of Crows
    7. The Book Thief
    9. Le Petit Prince!
    10. I have literally no idea but oh my god, what is it?? I so want to read that! 😀

    So much fun! It actually reminds me of a challenge I did a while back! We had to write a funny one-liners to describe books. I’ll give you a few to guess:

    1. When a hundred teenage criminals are set free on deserted planet Earth, things get dangerously out of han—oh wait, it’s all good, folks, they’re just making out.
    2. Prepare to have your heart broken by the hottest one-legged, fake-smoker, virgin dude on this planet.

    Can you guess? 😀 If you want to read the full post and maybe participate!:

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  2. So this is actually amazing. Hahaha. I don’t know half of these but we’ll see how this goes! 😂

    2. George RR Martin or Rick Riordan maybe? Lol
    3. Cinder
    5. Six of Crows
    7. The Book Thief

    For mine …

    1. Stubborn teen falls for prince who bullies her, but is secretly in love with her. Lots of magic and forbidden food.

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