Trick or Treat // the bookish edition!

Hey everyone! Today I’m writing a bookish edition of Trick or Treat. It seemed like a fun way to get in the spirit of Halloween, (even though it’s not really celebrated in Belgium.) I’m going to talk about some books that tricked me or turned out to be a treat!


18304322Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

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When I decided to read this book, the general opinion was very positive. I thus had high hopes. I wanted an empowering story about a fat girl participating in a beauty pageant. This wasn’t that and I’m still bitter about it. It tricked me! The main character is extremely annoying. She treats EVERYONE poorly. It resulted in too much unnecessary drama and girl hate. She also gets herself in a love triangle that serves absolutely no purpose. She is very judging of others, so I wouldn’t call this book empowering either. As for the beauty pageant, it takes place in the last 50 pages and was very rushed. It was barely part of the story. UGH, this book…

33295690Dress Codes for Small Towns by Courtney Stevens

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I read this book based on a recommendation from Booktube, but other than that I hadn’t heard of it. When I saw it in the library, I thought: ‘Why not?’ I’m so happy I thought that as it’s now one of my favourite novels. It turned out to be such a treat! I adored the characters and their friendships. Billie is different from most YA protagonists and I enjoyed the breath of fresh air. I absolutely loved the overall atmosphere of the book! I also really liked the writing style.

7933650The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger


I read this book based on a recommendation from a friend. She really enjoyed it and thought I would too. That wasn’t the case however. I HATED this book with a passion. It definitely belongs in the trick category. The book is a character study, but I absolutely despised the main character. I couldn’t bring up any appreciation for his cynicism. I’m the kind of person who tries to see the positives in any situation. Therefore this novel equaled endless frustration for me. Frankly, it was boring too. The writing style didn’t do it for me either. I won’t be picking up anything else by Salinger.

25152052The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende


This is the first book I thought of when I came up with this post idea. I didn’t expect much when I picked it up. It was part of a set of books that I had decided to buy based on the other novels. This was such a pleasant surprise though, a real treat! I loved how the story took me on a journey. It made me forget I was reading and was captivating all the way through. I loved the intriguing characters and slowly finding out more about them. On top of that, I learned from this novel. I always love it when a book does that!

31351689Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake


I had expected to enjoy this book a lot when I picked it up, but I couldn’t foresee how much I would love it! It was most definitely a treat! The story is so nuanced and heartbreaking. I applaud Ashley Herring Blake for her amazing storytelling. I loved the characters and the writing style. It was a very emotional read and I cried several times. I also loved the bisexual representation. I would most highly recommend this novel!

17199504The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon


Oh, what a disappointment this was! It tricked me. It was so BORING! There was way too much info-dumping, which was both confusing and boring as hell. I didn’t like the characters or the writing style. I was very uncomfortable about the romance and I absolutely didn’t support it. As for the plot, I couldn’t intrigue me or entertain me. Basically, I dragged myself through this book because of the hype. I wanted to know what everyone was raving about, but I’m sad to report that I couldn’t find it. Sorry this was so harsh, I just really didn’t like this.

11486The Color Purple by Alice Walker


I didn’t have the highest hopes for this as it’s a classic. I hadn’t had the biggest luck with them at the time. I hoped picking up a diverse classic might change that. I was right. This was a treat! I highly enjoyed reading this book and felt for both Celie and Nettie. Their story was so interesting and heartfelt. I also really liked Shug, the love interest, as a character. I loved the perspective of being a lesbian in the black South of the 1930’s. I liked the letter format and the writing style. Overall, this was such a pleasant surprise and I would highly recommend it!

826674The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie


And last but not least, this was a trick! After seeing Murder On The Orient Express in the theater, I wanted to get into Agatha Christie. I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of books to choose from, so I went online for advice. I started out with And The There Were None and highly enjoyed it. I then moved on to The A.B.C. Murders, which was also on the list. I was disappointed to say the least. I felt the story was very dull throughout. I spent my time waiting for Poirot and the police discovering what I had already predicted. Nothing thrilling or exciting happened. Even though there was an unexpected twist at the end, it wasn’t enough to rectify this book for me. It felt rather as a desperate attempt to save the story. Sadly, this wasn’t for me.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Do you disagree? Let’s talk in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading! See you next time!


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6 thoughts on “Trick or Treat // the bookish edition!

  1. I loved this post! The Jack Skeleton gif just warmed my fall spirited heart🍂 I actually read Catcher In The Rye in 11th grade and was also annoyed by the main character’s negative thoughts and emotions about everything, but he was an interesting character I grew to like for some reason? It’s a classic, and I do wonder why. Great post Eva!🌻

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