October Bullet Journal Set-up! // fall vibes

Another month, another bujo set-up. This month I decided to go with a fall theme and chose orange as my colour. You can find my previous bullet journal posts here. Let’s get started!


Before I get into this month, I want to show you a spread from last month. I made a page tracker to see how my reading was divided. I liked it and it pushed me to read at least 20 pages a day. I won’t be continuing with it though as it doesn’t give me that much interesting information and I found it annoying to keep up with.


For October’s cover page I stuck in an illustration from an old Flow magazine. I also hand-lettered this month’s name (in Dutch. That’s why there’s a k.)

On the right side I have my reading spread. I’ve been using the same lay-out since I started my bujo and I got bored with it. I thus changed it up. I still have the same categories (books read, pages read, the best and the worst), but instead of boxes, I drew big leaves.


I kept my memories spread pretty much the same as every month. I did add a tiny pumpkin in the corner. Fall screams pumpkins to me. I absolutely love pumkin soup!


I changed up my habit tracker as well. Since I track 5 different habits, I drew a total of 155 leaves on these pages. I switched the type of leaf per habit and I numbered them. I’ll colour them in as I go through the months. I hope all the colours will end up looking pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this bullet journal set-up! Thanks for reading! See you next time!


eva 2.0

4 thoughts on “October Bullet Journal Set-up! // fall vibes

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