Loose Leaf Tea // My Plastic-Free Journey

Now that I’ve been doing this project, a plastic-free journey, for about a month, I thought it was time to share my first tip and swap with you all! 

I love drinking tea and I have several cups of it a day. Because of this project, I started realising just how much plastic waste I was creating with all those teabags. I thus searched for a solution and immediately found loose leaf tea! I’ve been loving it so far!

DSC_2928 (2)

I have this stainless steel tea strainer, that has a lid that can be used as a saucer to put the strainer on after soaking. I think this is extremely useful! My main complaint about loose leaf tea was that it either creates more dirty dishes, because you need something to put the strainer on, or that it took you longer to make if you wanted to clean out the strainer immediately. This strainer solves those problems.


I now own four kinds of loose leaf tea and I like all of them! I started out with a fruity tea called Golden Fruit to see if I liked loose leaf tea. It’s delicious! What I also like is that the packaging is completely biodegradable!

When our lemon tea ran out, I replaced it with a loose leaf alternative. The same goes for the earl grey tea. Lastly, the black cranberry tea I got for free together with the earl grey. These last too I got in tins, thinking that I could reuse them. When I opened them, however, I saw that the tea itself was packaged in plastic. That was a bummer! When it runs out again, I’ll find a different alternative.

Overall, I would most highly recommend switching to loose leaf tea! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, would you consider following me? Thanks for reading! See you next time!


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