Tips I’ve already been implementing // A plastic-free journey

Hey everyone! As a first proper post in this series, I want to share with you some tips on helping the environment that I have already been implementing myself, even before I started this whole project! So without further ado, let’s get into it!

1) Tote bag – Say no to plastic bags

I always have a tote bag (or my backpack or yet another bag) on hand, so I can say no to plastic bags. We have quite a collection of tote bags at home now! What I love about them is how compact they can be folded to fit in any of my handbags.


2) Take your bike / public transport or go on foot – Reduce travel with cars

I take my bike everywhere. On one hand, because it gives me freedom and on the other hand, because I live rather close to everything. My Mom goes on foot to her work (approx. 45 min.) as much as she can. I admire her for that. She says she likes it as exercise. Some of my friends take the bus or the train, because they live further away.

These are all great ways to reduce the amount of travel in cars. I know busses and trains aren’t exactly good for the environment either, but they’re a step in the right direction. I know not everyone can take their bike to school or to work. So any kind of effort to minimise travel with cars is good.

3) Use the library

As a book lover, I know it can be hard to reduce your book buying, but truly the library is such a great option (if there’s one with a good selection available to you.) The more people who read the same copy of a book, the less books that have to be made, which is better for the environment. Personally, I found it hard to give up having a book collection entirely, but I only buy books that are already favourites or than I’m sure I’ll love.

Of course, using an e-reader is a great option as well. It doesn’t work for me, because the screen hurts my eyes too much after a while, especially since I read just before bed. However, if it works for you, that’s great!


4) Say no to paper towels

They’re very unnecessary. Any type of mess that you clean up with paper towels can just as well be cleaned up with a washable cloth.

5) Use a water bottle – Say no to plastic bottles

Fill your reusable bottle at home and take it with you when you leave. It’s quite simple. At home, drink tap water if possible.

I know my water bottle is plastic, which isn’t ideal. I’m planning to switch to a stainless steel one. But as long as this one works, I’ll continue to use it. It would defeat the point if I threw out a plastic water bottle in order to reduce plastic, wouldn’t it?


6) Say no to straws

If you don’t need one, why would you use one? Don’t use plastic ones at home and ask the waiter to leave it out of your drink if your going out. If you do want or need a straw, opt for a reusable stainless steel or glass one. You can find them easily online.

7) Opt for reusable baking paper

We have these black sheets that line a baking tray and they’re washable and reusable. I don’t know which material they’re made of, but I do know silicone ones exist as well. This is a tip that nobody ever talks about, but I find it very handy.


Those are 7 tips, I’ve already tried out myself! I hope you liked these and perhaps try some out. I know some of these tips are very popular, but a reminder never hurts, right? Thanks for reading! See you next time!


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11 thoughts on “Tips I’ve already been implementing // A plastic-free journey

  1. I love these tips and I definitely need to start implementing them more! I have so many tote bags but I always forget to bring them with me.

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  2. I impliment a few of these tips in my daily life but i’ll certainly pick up a few of the others (like using the library) I also buy a lot of books from charity shops and the like so i’m reusing other books rather than buying new.

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  3. My work is doing a plastic-free challenge during July. The major thing I wish I could do in my efforts to do more green is bike to work. However, living in the South where it’s 100* on a good day, where there’s no public transit, where none of my coworkers live close enough to carpool, and where non-motorized vehicles/pedestrians aren’t allowed on the roadways… it’s a struggle. I really wish we had better public transit, because I would totally use that in lieu of my car as often as I could!

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  4. Wow, great that you are enjoying the challenge so much. Love the tips which encourage not only plastic free but eco and healthy living too! Awesome work.

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