Mid-Year Stats // Analysing the books I’ve read + how diverse have they been?

Hey everyone! We’re already halfway through the year. Can you believe that? This gives me the opportunity to write a type of post I love. Today, I’m going to share my reading stats and analyse what I’ve read on different levels!


To start, let me give you a quick overview of the books I read in the last six months! They were 40 books in total. In my wrap-ups you can find my thoughts!



january 2018 wrapup



february 2018



march 2018



april 2018.png



may 2018.png



june 2018


*If the numbers don’t add up, it’s because some books can fit into multiple categories.* 



Of those 40 novels, I rated

1 one star
0 one and a half star
4 two stars
0 two and a half stars
6 three stars
3 three and a half stars
12 four stars
5 four and a half stars
9 five stars

Overall, I’d say I predominantly read books I enjoyed and gave a high rating. I’m very happy with that.



Of those 40 books,

1-100 pages : 5
101-200 pages: 1
201-300 pages: 10
301-400 pages: 17
401-500 pages: 5
501-600 pages: 0
601-700 pages: 2

Clearly, most books I read are between 300 and 400 pages. It’s just long enough, but not too long for me. I’d prefer short books over long ones.


genre-e1530289561932.jpeg Of those 40 books,

7 were classics
3 were non-fiction
3 were fantasy
4 were detective
17 were contemporary
5 were sci-fi
2 were historical fiction
1 was dystopian

Contemporary obviously has the lead here! I haven’t been in the mood for fantasy this year.


age.jpegOf those 40 books,

5 were middle grade
19 were young adult
20 were adult

I don’t read very many middle grade, but there are those few. As for YA and adult, it’s equal so far, which surprises me. Last year, I read a lot more YA than adult.


language1.jpegOf those 40 books,

I read 21 in Dutch
17 in English
and 2 in French

I’m surprised that I’ve read more Dutch books than English ones. Normally, that’s about equal. I suppose it’s because I’ve been going to the library more often and they have a bigger selection in Dutch. Although, I can’t complain about their English selection. The French books were for school. Speaking of the library …


came fromSo far in 2018,

I’ve read 17 books that I own myself
19 that came from the library
and 4 that I’ve lent from somewhere else

I’ve noticed that I’ve used the library much more this year. That’s great! I’ve also read a lot of books from my own physical TBR, which is great as well.



gender authorOf those 40 novels,

14 were written by a man
21 were written by a women
5 were written by either an author with another gender or by a mix of authors of different genders.

I should make more of an effort to read books by authors with a different gender than male or female. The reason I haven’t done so far, is that I don’t focus on the author when choosing a book.

Main character

gender mcOf those 40 books,

10 had a female main character (including trans characters)
16 had a male main character
14 had a mix of both

I’m surprised I’ve read more books with exclusively male main characters than exclusively female main characters. It’s usually the other way around.


Now it’s time to check how diverse I’ve actually been reading. It was a goal of mine to read more diverse this year, so let’s see how I’ve done.

Ethnicity of the author

poc authorOf the 40 novels I’ve read so far,

31 had a white author
9 had a non-white author

This is an area where I need vast improvement! I have to be more conscious about which authors I pick up. I hope to do better in the second half of the year.

Is the book diverse?


Yes: 27
No: 13

This is such an improvement over last year! I’m happy about that. I can still do better though.



If so, how?


sexuality or gender: 14 books
ethnicity: 12 books
disability or mental illness: 11 books
religion: 10 books

I’m happy with how this is divided. I’m surprised though, because I though I had read much more books that include LGBTQ+ characters and fewer books with religious characters. (I did only include the book in a category if the element is significant enough in the books. For example, I wouldn’t count Harry Potter as diverse at all even though it has a few POC characters. )

That’s all the stats! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it interesting. I certainly did. If you did too, would you consider following me for more? See you next time!


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