First quarter of 2018 TBR check-up

A quarter of the year has already gone by (oh my god, what??) and you might remember I set myself a TBR for 2018. Today I wanted to check up on my process and tell you what I thought of the books I’ve already read!

This was my TBR:

This is how I’ve done so far:

2018 tbr 1st quarter check-up.png

Not bad, right? I’ve read 6 out of 12 books in these first three months! When I set myself a goal, I really go for it in the beginning and the later it gets, the more I slack off. So it’s a good thing I’ve already read half of my TBR!

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

This was a love story, but very heart-breaking at the same time. It was a lot heavier than I had expected.  I liked the characters as they were realistic. I was frustrated by Sebastian a few times, but in a way that added to the story. I also think the religion part of this novel was done well. The book discussed some of the faults of the LDS religion, but did so with respect. This book didn’t bash religion and I appreciated that. I gave it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

The Power by Naomi Alderman

This was a lot different from my expectations going in in the way that it kind of skipped the empowering bit and went straight on to terrifying. This was a very thrilling book. I liked the main characters, especially Roxanne and the writing style was pleasant. The main reason I liked this book though, is the criticism on society packed into it. It really makes you think. I gave this 4 out of 5 stars.

The Ship of The Dead by Rick Riordan

This was a disappointment in comparison to the previous books in this series. I took me over half of the book to get into it and I wasn’t a fan of the ending. It was just to clean. The characters were good though and as always the book made me smile or laugh once in a while. This whole book was just okay for me, thus I gave it 3 out of 5 stars.

Blue is the Warmest Color by Julie Maroh

This book really hit me, but I can’t explain why. The story made me feel things and I really liked it. The ending was heart-breaking. I liked the art style and its creative use of blue. I gave this 4.5 out of 5 stars and I would highly recommend it.

George by Alex Gino

This was such a sweet and heart-warming story! I’m very glad it exists. I liked the characters and the simple plot. I ended up giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

Born a crime by Trevor Noah

I highly enjoyed this book. The stories were interesting and went from entertaining to thought-provoking. I’ve learned a lot and I appreciate that. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars and I would definitely recommend it.

As you can see, I have enjoyed all of these books. I’m very happy I put them on my TBR and I’m looking forward to the books I have yet to get to. I’m also very proud of myself for what I have achieved so far.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading. See you next time!


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13 thoughts on “First quarter of 2018 TBR check-up

  1. I feel like 2018 has only just begun! You have done really well to have stuck to your TBR so well – I haven’t read any of those on your list above yet, but did recently buy a copy of The Power because it sounded so interesting. My problem is that I’m a total mood reader so I just pick up what I feel like at the time and can’t stick to a list. How do you keep yourself on track?

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    • I feel the same way! I can’t believe a quarter of the year has already gone by. Thanks 😃 I’m actually a mood reader as well and I’m hopeless at sticking to monthly TBRs. This went a lot better because it’s a yearly TBR. I can read other books that I’m more in the mood for in between. I suppose that I just happened to be in the mood for a lot of these! I hope you’ll enjoy The Power when you get to it!


  2. “The Color Purple” is one of my favorite books ever! I highly recommend reading it and then if you get the opportunity watch the film with Whoopi Goldberg in it. They are both phenomenal! Good luck with finishing out the remainder of your list.

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