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Hey everyone! How are you doing? I came back from London two days ago and it was amazing there! Today I wanted to write and tell you about it! So without further ado, let’s get started!

Day 1 – April 3rd

On the first day I woke up very early to get on the bus. This was a school trip, but I didn’t mind as that meant that I got to go with my friends! We first drove to Calais where we just missed our ferry. The two hours of waiting time were filled with breakfast, talking and laughter. In the end the wait wasn’t that bad. Then we went on the boat to Dover and drove another two and a half hours to London. Once there we dropped off our luggage in the hotel and took the metro to the center of town whilst eating lunch. First stop was the Tower of London. Since we had to make up for those two hours, everything on the first day was very rushed. We only had about an hour to spend in the Tower, so we didn’t see the crown jewels nor the prison. It was unfortunate, but I had seen it before on a previous trip and thus I didn’t mind that much. After visiting the Tower, we went on a walk past some of the most touristic buildings of London: the Tower Bridge, the Big Ben, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. I found this one of the least fun things we did as I had already seen these things, we didn’t have time to stop properly and I had blisters on my feet. In the evening we had dinner in Soho and walked around a bit in the area. The dinner was fun and cosy. Sitting down and filling our stomach was just what we needed. China town was very lively and we saw some great street musicians. On our way to the tube station we also passed Piccadilly Circus. I thought the advert screens were rather impressive. After taking the tube back to the hotel, we went straight to our rooms and fell asleep. We were very tired.






Day 2 – April 4th

The second day started with an early but tasty breakfast and yet another trip to the center of London, to the East End this time. A guide told us more about Jack the Ripper and showed us the sites of the murders. I found it interesting, but too gruesome for my taste. The photos were a bit too much. Our guide was funny though. A lot has changed since the murders and even though a lot of the buildings were still the same, I couldn’t immerse myself in how it would have been back then. The morning sun didn’t help me either. I was a bit disappointed in what we actually got to see on the tour. Thereafter we went to Covent garden where we explored and had lunch. The lunch was tasty and again it was good to sit down. I did have different shoes on so the blisters weren’t bugging me anymore. In the afternoon we visited the British Museum. Sadly, we only had two hours here and I found the museum super interesting. I easily could have spent a whole day or ever more there. I really want to see more! I am happy with what I did get a chance to look at though: the Rosetta Stone, parts of the Parthenon, Egyptian mummies, etc. I would most highly recommend visiting. After the museum there was a game in which we had to find different locations in the city through a set of clues. It was fun and hilarious when we had to take a photo with bacon or of the whole group in a telephone booth for example. We then had some free time again and I went to Foyles together with a few friends. This is a rather famous bookstore in London and it was great. I picked up Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman and Here We Are, Feminism for the real world edited by Kelly Jensen. I loved walking around in the bookstore. After a sandwich for dinner we went to see a musical in the stunning Prince Edward Theater. It was the Disney’s Aladdin musical and to be honest I didn’t have high expectations. I was proved wrong though, the Genie was very funny and over the top and the decor was beautiful. It was great.







Day 3 – April 5th

The last of the three days started with another yummy breakfast and dropping off our luggage at the bus. Our first stop was St. Paul’s Cathedral. As cathedrals go, I thought this was a stunning one. The mosaics were still very vibrant and scale of the whole cathedral was very impressive. We climbed up the dome almost all the way to the top. The view of London was fantastic. The stairs were also super cool. I loved the experience of walking up and down the stairs in between the walls of the dome. We then walked over the Millennium Bridge to Tate Modern. We walked in, but I wouldn’t say we visited it. We didn’t see any artwork, just the hall. We then continued on past Globe Theater to Borough Market. We had some free time to get lunch there, but it was extremely crowded so a couple of friends and I went to the nearby Nando’s. We had never been and wanted to try it out. I found my dish very plain and there wasn’t a lot of flavor. I don’t think I’ll go back. The last stop of  our trip was Camden Town. I liked it here a lot as it was very lively. We sorted out dinner for later and strolled around the market. I also spotted a super cool wall and two friends and I decided to take some pictures in front of it. It was very fun! After that it was a matter of getting home. It ended up taking us over 9 hours! We stranded in traffic getting out of London and it took us three and a half hours to get to Dover where we again missed our ferry. We had to wait another two hours in the port before embarking with the ferry. By then we where all tired and on deck we started singing childhood songs at the top of our lungs. It was very fun and an amazing way to pass the time! I was home that night by twelve thirty instead of the planned eight thirty. Oh well.









I had an amazing time in London and I hope you enjoyed reading about it! Thanks for doing so. See you next time!


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