Bookshelf Reorganisation!

Hey everyone! Guess what? I reorganised my bookshelves. I still love how they used to look, but I wanted some change. So I switched things up! I’ve also made a YouTube video showing you the process and it would make me so happy if you could check it out! You can find it here!



My shelves used to be organised in rainbow order. It looked beautiful, but I got tired of always looking at the same books from my bed. It was time to change things up!






This is the end result! I’m very happy with it! I grouped all my Rick Riordan books together on a shelf and all my favourite books on the other side of that shelf. The remaining books I put on my other shelf in rainbow order. Gotta love that rainbow!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this and that you took a look at my video as well. Thanks for reading and watching! See you next time!


eva 2.0


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