My March Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to post about my March bujo set up. I’m excited! Even though I’m a bit late and you’ve probably already set up your bujo for this month (if you have one), you can still use this as inspiration for the next time. My theme this month was the colour red, so it’s not month specific at all.

If you’re wondering why I chose the colour red, I did so because I’m following the order of the rainbow. It corresponds with a previous page in my bullet journal. I have a post up about everything I did in my bujo before what I’m going to show you today. You can find it here.

Let’s get into my March set-up!


I started the month with a title page and I kept it quite simplistic. The swirly pattern on the bottom was inspired by an older doodle of mine which in turn was inspired by the painting Starry Night by Van Gogh. It’s one of my favourite paintings. I also wrote out March in the middle of the page and that’s it. I really like how this turned out.

On the right side you can see my monthly reading page. I have a big box for the books I’ve read. Under that I have a box for the amount of pages I read. On the bottom of the page there’s one for the best and the worst. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the empty space yet.


The next spread is my habit of the month one. Every month I choose a habit I want to work on and I track it. This month it’s exercise. I drew out a bunch of hexagons (which took such a long time!) and now I fill them in every day I do the exercises I’m supposed to. I also have two trackers for the previous month’s habits in the bottom left corner. I don’t want to forget about those. The main reason I wrote out a quote on a red piece of paper and stuck it in, is that I didn’t like how I had written it at first and I wanted to cover it up. What an eyesore it was! I’m glad I fixed it.


Lastly I’ve also set up a page for memories to remember from this month. I’ve done that for every month so far and I really enjoy it!

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post and that you drew inspiration from it! Thanks for reading! See you next time!


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7 thoughts on “My March Bullet Journal Set-Up

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