The 2017 posts I’m most proud of!

Today I’m making a rather unusual blog post. I want to talk about the posts I’m most proud of, those I put most work into, were the most inventive, etc. I think it’s good to sometimes show that you’re proud of what you’ve achieved and that’s what I’m doing in this post. Plus, it will make it easier for you to find the best posts on my blog!I’m going to split this into categories, to make this easier. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu // empowering with a cute romance!

I’m proud of this post because it’s a good example of how I have changed the structure of my reviews in the past year. I also introduced a ‘you might also like’ section!

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold // a work of art

The reason this post made the list is that I finally wrote it after procrastinating on it for almost half a year. I did it!

Juliet takes a breath by Gaby Rivera // thought-provoking and funny, a new favourite

I’m proud of this post because I really like how I voiced my thoughts and that I included a lot of quotes. Once in a while I see someone stumbled upon this post and so found out about this book. That makes me really happy!

Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy // Not what I was expecting

Lastly, I wanted to include this review too. It was the first negative review I had to write and I think I handled it well.


Technology in YA // Let’s talk!

I’m still very happy with the points I made in this post and I got great comments that added to the discussion!

Can I discuss diversity if I come from a privileged place? //Let’s talk!

I’m proud of this discussion, because I was nervous to post it. I still ask myself this question from time to time. The comments were really good too!


When it comes to hauls, I’m happy with all of them, but especially with the last four posts in the category! I like how I structured them and the photos I included. I’m also quite proud of myself for unhauling some books!

Book unhaul // I’m getting rid of these

September and October book haul // Travel, review copies and more!

August Book Haul // I went a bit over the top

June & July Book Haul // Random splurges and travel memories


In the last year , I have found that I quite enjoy analysing my reading. I’ve made several posts about it and I’m very proud of all of them!

My reading year 2017 // an overview, stats, opinions and more!

Have I accomplished my 2017 goals? // an analysis

Analysing my reading this fall

I achieved my Goodreads goal! // an overview

How diverse have I read ? // Mid-year check up


When it comes to tags, I’m most proud of those I had the most fun doing!

Fight like a YA girl tag // We need these empowering ladies

Rip it or Ship it book tag // Love is in the air!

The Candy Book Tag

I’m proud of the graphics I made for this!

The Rapid Fire Book Tag // Was this supposed to be quick? Oops


This year I started making aesthetics. I love doing it and I’m always proud of the end result!


minimal gryffindor

Minimal Gryffindor


Disney Princess aesthetics

Hogwarts house aesthetics // normal and minimal

Heroes of Olympus aesthetics

I’ll Give You The Sun aesthetic





I documented all of my travels this year and wrote about them on my blog. I’m very happy with all of these posts!

Amsterdam was very gezellig // Travel

My Eastern-European road trip // Travel

My Eastern-European road trip pt. 2 // Travel

My Eastern – European road trip pt. 3 // Travel

My Eastern-Europian road trip pt. 4 Venice // Travel

Canterbury was wonderful and charming! // travel

Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada // Travel


I also started a series about self-love on my blog this year. I’m really happy with it. Especially with these posts:

Have a journal (or two or three ) // Self-love

Motivational resources // Self-love


This year I started posting recommendation post for a certain type of book and I’m really happy I started doing that! I kept procrastinating on this.

Fall Book Recommendations

Emotional book recommendations // or all the books that made me cry

Short book recommendations


And lastly, here are all the posts I’m proud of that don’t fit in any of the above mentioned categories.

Booktubers who deserve more love!

August 2017 Bookshelf tour!

The story behind my favourite books

Cover Wars

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you found an other one you enjoyed too! Thanks for reading! See you next time!


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