Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada // Travel

Today I’m writing a post I should have written quite some time ago. I just never seemed to get around to it. Anyway, I went to Spain from the 29th of October to the 4th of November and that’s what I’m going to talk about in this post!

Day 1 – Brussels to Sevilla

On this first day we woke up to a very cold and rainy Belgium, so we were so happy to be leaving for Sevilla. After a short plane trip we arrived in a sunny and warm city! We dropped our luggage at the appartement we rented -which was great!- and we started discovering the city. We ate some tapas by the riverside and I really liked it. Then we walked to a big park. The park on its own was fantastic, but suddenly, we stumble upon the Plaza de España which was beautiful! It was a great surprise. I loved the architecture and all the details. We spent quite a lot of time there, looking at everything, watching the people in the boats, taking pictures, etc. That evening we ate some more tapas in a very cosy restaurant, but sadly the tapas wasn’t good, oops.


the riverside


Plaza de España

Processed with VSCO with  preset

at the Plaza de España


the tapas restaurant

Day 2 – Sevilla

Our second day in Sevilla we started by going to the Setas de Sevilla. I did like the funky architecture. Then we went to a church that I can’t remember the name of. We went because you could get tickets for the cathedral there while standing in a much shorter line. The church was quite a surprise though. It was very different from the catholic churches where I live, a lot more decoration and statues in costumes. It was quite impressive. With our tickets in hand we then visited the cathedral. Its massiveness and especially the main quire were very impressive. We also went up the tower. Because there are ramps instead of stairs, the climb up wasn’t difficult. The view was amazing! I would highly recommend going up if you can. Next up was the palace, the Real Alcázar. The gardens here are outstanding and I was a big fan of the patterns used on the walls. What I liked most about this palace was how different it is from the palaces I’m used to visiting on my travels. The style is completely different. That evening, we went back to the Setas de Sevilla. We saw the very last bit of the sunset and then the night sky with all the city lights.


Setas de Sevilla


part of the view from lower on the tower of the cathedral


inside the Real Alcázar


part of the gardens of the palace

Day 3 – Sevilla to Granada

On the third day we rented a car and drove to Granada, well my dad did. This gave me the opportunity to read and study a bit for school, because big tests don’t wait because you’re on holiday! Anyway, we arrived in the city around four a clock and went to the appartement we rented which was located in the Arabic part of town. My mom and I left to check out the shops. We drank some tea in the most cosy little café and we ended up climbing the hill where we stumbled upon a stunning view. The sun was setting and the Alhambra looked beautiful! That night was quite restless though, as it was Halloween and thus very noisy in the streets. Oh well.


Day 4 – Granada

The next day we visited the Alhambra and I really liked it. Again, the architecture was very different from what I’m used to, but stunning nonetheless. Our guide was funny too! I was a big fan of the gardens (Generalife)! After our visit, we also went to the cathedral which was very nice and we took a bus around the city. It stopped at the same viewpoint as the day before and we took another look so my dad could see it too, because it really is a beautiful view.




Day 5 – Granada to Córdoba

This day involved quite some driving, but again I didn’t mind. When we arrived in Córdoba, we had a tasty lunch and after we went to the appartement. It turned out it didn’t have wi-fi, so I ended up reading a lot in there. We soon set out for a walk around the city. We walked through the Jewish quarter with its very old synagogue, saw the city walls, stumbled upon fantastic statues and crossed the bridge over the river. We also went to the gardens of the palace, which again were beautiful. The sun was setting while we were walking around.


a stunning statue we stumbled upon


the gardens

Day 6 – Córdoba

On our second to last day we visited the Mezquita. I liked it. Again, it was very different from most things I’ve seen and that was very refreshing. After that we also went to the baths (Baños del Alcázar Califal). The museum was interesting though I knew most of it already. Later we just roamed the city some more and saw some beautiful squares.



the Mezquita



inside the Mezquita


the city from the other side of the river

Day 7 – Córdoba to Sevilla to Brussels

On our very last day we drove back to Sevilla to catch our flight home. We stopped on the way though, at the Madinat Al-Zahra archeological site. Here they discovered an entire city. Most of it is still buried beneath, but some parts have been exposed and are open to visitors. I really liked walking there. I would recommend visiting it if you’re in the area!



That’s all for this trip! I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for doing so. See you next time!


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