Have I accomplished my 2017 goals? // an analysis

Hey everyone! Today I’m looking back on a post I did about a year ago in which I set myself a few goals for the past year. Let’s see how I did!

1) I wanted to read 60 books.

I have definitely accomplished the first goal on my list! Right now, I’ve read a total of 86 books and I plan on finishing some more before the year ends. Yay for me!

2) I wanted to find my own touch for my blog.

I think I did this. It’s hard to say for this type of goal. I do think there are still some things I need to find my own style on, but I have come a far way since a year ago! I have found a review format that works for me, a signature colour, a wrap-up format, etc. !

3) I wanted to really work on my blog.

Although I had some moments this year when I found it difficult to keep up with this blog, I’m still counting this as accomplished! After all, I’m still here which is quite an achievement for me. I’ve also found a posting schedule that works for me, so that’s good!

4) I wanted to read more diverse.

I did this, but probably not enough. I want to continue reading more diversely in 2018! I have come quite some way though. For example, every book on my christmas wish list this year is diverse, so that’s awesome!

5) I wanted to think positive.

I succeeded in doing this. I have really changed my attitude in general. I look at things more positively and I’m more grateful. Not that I was an awful person before or anything.

6) I wanted to read the books on my 2017 TBR.

Well here is the first (kind of) fail. I didn’t read all the books on that list. Out of the 16 I read 11, lost interest in 2 and still want to read 3. Actually, that’s not too bad after all for a loose TBR.

2017 TBR

7) I wanted to keep my bookmark collection under control.

I put this goal on there as a joke, because I didn’t think it would happen. Surprisingly, it did! I really kept it under control.

8) I wanted to inspire / spread positivity.

This is another one for which it’s hard to say if I succeeded. I did start my self-love series on my blog, I wrote this shout out post and I did this discussion. So that counts for something, right?

9) I wanted to let go of anger towards some people.

I made progress for this goal. Still I don’t think I’ll ever come to a point of completely forgiving some people. Oh well.

10) I wanted to step up my reviews.

HA HA HA. That didn’t happen. I still don’t review most books I read and some I put off for way too long.

So that’s how I did! Overall pretty good I think. I’m proud of myself. My 2018 goals are coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for those! There are some exciting ones in there! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! See you next time!


13 thoughts on “Have I accomplished my 2017 goals? // an analysis

  1. Those were all great goals, and it looks like most of them were accomplished! Some are harder to quantify, but that’s okay. Overall, it looks to me as if 2017 was a great year for you! I hope that the trend continues into 2018. 🙂

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