October Wrap Up // the month of slumps

So I wasn’t very active on my blog this month, nor did I read a lot. I finished a total of three books. Because of the enormous workload for school I was very tired all month basically and I couldn’t put myself to reading and blogging. I’m not mad at myself, because in the end it’s still a hobby.

reading35649191Aaru by David Meredith

Goodreads – my review

Huge trigger warnings: sexual assault, child pornography, pedophilia, stalking

The first book I finished this month was Aaru, my first ever review copy. I have some mixed feelings about it. It started off rather slow and a bit boring, but after the halfway point it got a lot more interesting. I didn’t really like the characters all that much. I was intrigued though. In the second half of the novel I got what I was looking for with it. The things I gave trigger warnings for made it rather uncomfortable to read at times an honestly I knew beforehand these things were included in the story. In the end I gave it 2 out of five stars.

29385546.jpgWarcross by Marie Lu


I highly enjoyed this book. The world-building was amazing, innovative and creative. I admire Marie Lu’s imagination for coming up with something like this. The scenes in the game, Warcross, itself were very easy to follow, even for a non-gamer like me. I really like the characters, especially their diversity. It made this story stand out even more. I loved the setting of Tokio. I shipped the romance. Although I think it was a bit too quick at times, I understand why Marie Lu wrote it like that. The plot was very exciting. There were several twists and turns I did not see coming and it added a lot to the story. I loved the ending. Overall I gave this 4.5/5 stars. I’m not giving it the full five stars, partly because I only read this 10 pages at a time and I was often not fully immersed, which is totally my own fault. I know.

Lle-professeur-a-disparu-77901e professeur a disparu by Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod


I did not enjoy this. It was the most pointless book ever. The exact same plot twist was used twice and the way the mystery was solved was just stupid. Pierre-Paul, one of the main characters, was so annoying. I never would have picked this up if I hadn’t been forced to. I know I’m not the targeted audience for this book as it is a children’s book, but in my opinion it isn’t even good for the children. I gave this 1 out of five stars, maybe 1.5 out of 5.

Even though this isn’t a lot of reading for me, I doesn’t matter all that much. Especially since I’ve already reached my reading goal. I have now read a total of 81 books. (including the book I’ve already finished in November.)

on the blogAs I’ve already said and as you may have noticed, I didn’t post a lot either this month. I only posted three times. Oh well, at least it fits nicely with the amount of books 😉


AARU by David Meredith // my first review copy!


Canterbury was wonderful and charming! // travel


Bookish interior design

That’s all for this wrap up! I hope you enjoyed this! See you next time!



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