Fall Book Recommendations

I’m a mood reader and for me, certain seasons equal certain books. In fall I love to read Fantasy, Historical Fiction and darker contemporaries. It just fits the mood. I love to curl up on a rainy day with an atmospheric read. I’m writing this post to recommend you some of these kinds of books!


Historical Fiction

17668473Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman

my review – Goodreads

I read this book last year and I enjoyed it a lot. One of my first posts on this blog is actually my review for this book! The book is set in 1930s Germany and tells the story of Gretchen Müller, the niece of Hitler. She doesn’t see her uncle as bad in the beginning, but throughout the novel she realises and gets to know a lot more about him. She meets a Jewish reporter, Daniel, and together they try to find out more about Gretchen’s father’s death. I really liked the main character. She’s very strong and goes through a lot of character development throughout the novel. I really liked that. You can tell that the author definitely did her research and at the end of the book there’s a section that explains what in the story was fictional and what wasn’t and what happened to the people who were real. I really appreciated that.

1904709The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


The next book I’m recommending is also set in Munich during WWII. Come to think of it, all of the Historical Fiction on this list is WWII fiction. Oops. (sorry not sorry) This is a book every one knows about, but I couldn’t leave it from this list. It’s just the perfect book to read with colder temperatures. The most unusual thing about this book is that it’s narrated by Death. That perspective gives the story something different and it definitely made me think. The novel tells the story of Liesel, a foster girl from Munich, Germany. It’s about her growing up during the war. It’s about her learning to read and her love for books. It’s about her friendship with Rudy. I must warn you though, It’s a tear-jerker. The ending is heart-breaking.

48855The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank


I read this book a long time ago, about four years I think, right before my first trip to Amsterdam. During that trip we also visited the Anne Frank House and I was really happy I had read the book beforehand, because it made it easier to imagine how it would have been to live there and how everything looked. I suppose every one already knows about this book, but if you didn’t, this novel is the diary of Anne Frank. She was a Jewish girl hiding during WWII. She describes what it was like to live there and I think this is an important book to read.

I want to give a quick shout out to Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wien. Every one seems to love this book and my best friend keeps telling me to read it. I haven’t yet, but I’m going to this fall. I promise.



17675462The Raven Cycle by Magie Stiefvater


These books just scream fall to me. They are very atmospheric reads. I don’t want to give you a synopsis, because everything is a spoiler and the blurb on the back is very misleading. Just know that it’s about magic forests, dead Welch kings, a group of boys and a girl who are good friends, a bit of romance, psychic women, and quirky and unique characters. I do want to mention that I didn’t really like the first half of the first book. I’m very happy I powered through though, because all the rest is great and I do highly recommend this series.

23437156Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


The world this is set in is very dark and that makes it perfect for the colder seasons. This book is about a diverse, morally ambiguous set of characters. They are (almost) all criminals and in the beginning and definitely all criminals at the end of the book. The book is about them trying to break into a place that is impossible to break into. It follows them plotting and slowly you see the pieces of their plans falling together. It is fast-paced and thrilling and the characters are what make it even better. I would highly recommend this.

8621462A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness


This is a heart-breaking story about a young boy trying to cope with the fact that his mother is dying. At night he is visited by a monster. I highly recommend reading the illustrated edition of this book. It is beautiful and it adds a lot to the vibe of the story, making it an even better fall read. I do want to mention that this story isn’t creepy. You might expect that from the cover, but it isn’t. So if you go in expecting that, you’ll probably be disappointed. Regardless, this still is an amazing book that I’d recommend to anyone!

9460487.jpgMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


That brings me onto my next recommendation, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. What stands out most about this book are the old photo’s the author includes in the book and weaves into the story. I really liked that aspect of it. Although the photo’s are a bit creepy at times, the story definitely isn’t, so please be aware of that. It’s on the lower side of YA, maybe even Middle Grade. As for what it’s actually about, the book tells the story of Jacob, whose grandfather is murdered by a weird creature. In search of the truth of what happened to him, Jacob goes to a small island near Scotland (?). There he finds a strange house where all these peculiar children live and from there the story goes on. I would recommend this if you want to get into the Halloween spirit, but you don’t want to have nightmares.

22328546Red Queen by victoria Aveyard

Goodreads – my review

I read this book about a year ago and I really enjoyed it back then.  As far as I remember, it’s fast-paced and there are some big plot twists I didn’t see coming. It is very trope-y though and a lot of people didn’t like this book because of that. Personally, I didn’t have a problem with it, so I would definitely recommend it. The book is set in fantasy world that is divided by blood – Red or Silver. Those with silver blood have special abilities and govern the country. The Reds are mere peasants. Mare, the main character has special abilities even though she has red blood. She gets herself in a tricky situation and the story goes on from there.



22466429Kids of Appetite by David Arnold


I know I’ve been recommending this book a lot lately, but it is just so amazing! Anyway, this is a contemporary set in the colder months. I don’t want to give you a synopsis, because almost everything is a spoiler. The MC’s, Vic and Mad, are both in the police department and they have a story to tell. That happens throughout the course of the novel. This book has a set of very diverse characters. For example, Vic has Moebius Syndrome. This was the first book I read that had someone with that syndrome and it was very educational. The writing style was amazing and I would most highly recommend this book. It’s one of my favourites!

23395680Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


And last but not least I want to recommend Illuminae to you. This is a very unique book as it is told in files and chats instead of in prose. I really liked that reading experience and that is what makes the book so good, along with the fast-paced plot and great characters. The story is mainly set on space ships and it is the perfect book to curl up with. The cover even matches the fall trees! The story is about Kady and Ezra. They have just broken up when their planet is bombed and they are forced to fight their way onto spaceships and make a run for it all the while there is a threatening space ship in their pursuit. Whilst they deal with leaving their homes and their families and figure out their feelings for each other, they also try to survive and deal with the many problems on board.


For now, those are all my fall book recommendations! I hope you enjoyed this post and added a few new books to your TBR!

Do you have any other fall book recommendations?

See you next time! Love,

eva 2.0

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