August Book Haul // I went a bit over the top

This month I went a bit over the top as far as book shopping goes. My haul consists of 13 books. To be fair, 4 of them only arrived in August and I bought them before, but still, it’s a lot!


Books bought in Brussels

In the beginning of the month my mom and I went to Brussels. We went to a bunch of bookstores there and I really enjoyed it. My favourite was Waterstone’s. Their English YA section is so big in comparison to all the bookstores where I live. It was amazing. I had a hard time choosing, but in the end I picked up 3 books. Then I also picked up another one in Sterling Books.


32827036Ink by Alice Broadway


I’m not going to lie, this was mostly a cover buy. Can you blame me? The cover is just too stunning! It’s shiny, it has copper and the art is just beautiful! I’m also really intrigued by the synopsis though. There is something about having something important on your skin that really intrigues me. I have seen a lot of similar story prompts online. Is it with your soul mate’s name, your enemy’s name, the date of your death or – like in this book – everything you do. I’m always interested in that.

32073153Monstrous Child by Francesca Simon


This is another beautiful book. I really like the cover, the spine and the end pages! The end pages have a beautiful illustration on them. I’ve already read this book and I must say I did really enjoy it. It was a very quick read too. I liked the mythology aspect of the book. Ultimately, I gave it three stars since I did have a few problems with it. The main character Hel was very whiny and hateful. I didn’t always agree with her actions. I also couldn’t get on board with the romance / crush of the main character. It involved Hel wanting to make him cheat on his wife and I did not like that at all.

31693618Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone by J.K. Rowling

Goodreads – some aesthetics

I didn’t own a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, so when I saw this beautiful edition I just couldn’t pass it up. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m a Ravenclaw, so I got the Ravenclaw hardback edition. I love the sprayed edges. I also love the cover, the spine and the back cover with The Grey Lady. It’s stunning! I also love the additional content, the map and the beautiful illustrations inside. It’s the most stunning edition of this book in my opinion.

30724132Geekerella by Ashley Poston


I had been anticipating this novel for a while, so when I saw it in Waterstone’s I couldn’t leave it. This seems like a very cute contemporary / retelling that will honour being a fangirl and have a great romance. I also really liked the cover of this one. I really like the purple and the simple illustration. This wasn’t a cover buy, but I still love the cover! Anyway, I’m really looking forward to reading this. I have only heard good things about it! I have a feeling I will highly enjoy it!

Books from BookDepository

Then one morning a package arrived from BookDepository. It was the first time I had bought books online and I was really happy none of them were damaged. The package contained four books. They’re all books I knew I wouldn’t find in my local bookstores any time soon.


22466429Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

Goodreads – my review

I read a library copy of this book in July and I absolutely adored it. I loved it so much I just had to own my own copy. I really like the English edition of the book. It’s very different from the Dutch version, the one I originally read. I love the illustration of the characters. It’s not that I don’t like the Dutch edition, I think it’s pretty, but that illustration is what made me decide to get the English version. I want to re-read the book so that I’ve also read my own copy. I’m already looking forward to that!

28648863Juliet takes a Breath by Gaby Rivera

Goodreads –my review

I picked this book up because it had been recommended to me a gazillion times, both as a feminist read and as a lesbian read. It was definitely both. The story was amazing, I loved it! It talks about important topics in such a fantastic way. I learned a ton from it. It’s also really funny and empowering. I really liked the romance. What I loved most though, were the characters. I loved Juliet, Kira, Ava, Zaire, Maxine,… Not so sure about Harlowe though. I’d highly recommend this book to everyone!

25689074Stars Above by Marissa Meyer


I also picked up Stars Above, a companion novel to The Lunar Chronicles, a series I’ve grown to love. It’s a short story collection and I’m most excited for all of them. I’ve been on the hunt for this book for the longest time. Eventually I gave up on finding it in my local bookstores and I ordered it online. I don’t know why they didn’t have it since they did have Fairest. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to reading more about these characters I love so much. Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Iko, Winter, Thorne, Ze’ev, Kai and Jacin are all just so amazing!

29772863Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer and Doug Holgate


Together with Stars Above I also picked up Wires and Nerve, the newest addition to the series. Well, technically it’s a new series, but it’s in the same world with the same characters. It’s a graphic novel by the way. I’m really excited for it. As I just mentioned, I love these characters and I can’t wait to read more. I’m especially looking forward to seeing more of Iko and she’s the main character in this novel so that’s great. I’m doing a re-read of the series before I go on to Stars Above and Wires and Nerve and I’m loving it even more than before. I’ll start re-reading Cress soon.

Books bought in Antwerp

My mom and I also went to Antwerp and we went to a lot of bookstores there too. I really enjoyed spending the day with my mom and browsing the books! I picked up a total of five books that day.


23395680Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


Ever since I first heard about this book I’ve been so intrigued by it. The fact that it’s told in files, chats, diary entries and stuff like that is so interesting. I’ve also heard nothing but rave reviews about it, so that’s awesome! With all that in mind I was really excited when I found it in one of the bookstores. After I’m done writing this post I’ll start reading it. This is scheduled so I don’t know where I will be in the book when this goes up. I might have already finished it. Anyway, I’ll tell you what I thought in my August wrap up.

23677341We are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson


I’ve heard several people rave about this book, but until recently I actually didn’t know what it’s about. After reading the synopsis in the bookstore though, both that synopsis and the stunning cover convinced me to buy it. I’ve heard it’s funny. I’ve heard it’s queer. I’ve heard the writing style is amazing. I’ve heard it deals with some important topics in an amazing way. All those things convinced me even more. As far as I know it’s about a boy who gets abducted by aliens several times and they tell him the world will end. They give him the option to press a button and save the world. Henry, the MC, doesn’t know if he wants to save it though. The story is about him figuring that out. I’m excited to read it.

12000020Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz


I bought this because I had heard a ton of good things about it and to be honest also because I love the cover. I just finished it and I must say that I really enjoyed it. First of all, I loved the short chapters. I also loved the friendship between Ari and Dante and the slow build of the romance.  I really loved Dante in general. I related to him in ways I haven’t found many characters I can relate too. Even though, the story centers entirely around the characters, it still had a few plot twists I didn’t see coming.

128854Regulus by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


If you’ve been around for a while you probably know I love The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I grew up reading this book and so it holds a lot of nostalgia. I love that every time I read it I get something different from it. You might also know that I study Latin. Both those things made that I bought the Latin edition of the book, Regulus. I really like this edition. My plan is to read it over the course of the next few months or so. I really want to actually read it and not just have it on my shelf, but it will take a while to do so.

30145666The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan


And last but not least, I bought the second book in the Trials of Apollo series, The Dark Prophecy. I read it last week and I highly enjoyed it. I loved the writing style, the mythology, the humour and the adventurous plot. I didn’t like it as much as the Heroes of Olympus series or the Magnus Chase series though. That’s mainly because of the main character, Apollo. He’s very self-centered and he thinks he’s more important / better than everyone. It makes a lot of sense for him to be like that since he’s an ex-god, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get annoying.


Those are all the books I bought in August. It’s a very big book haul and I don’t think my book haul will be this big for a while. I went a bit over the top. Oh well.

What did you think of these books? Which ones should I prioritize over others?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading! See you next time!


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18 thoughts on “August Book Haul // I went a bit over the top

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  2. Glad to know I’m not the only person who didn’t enjoy The Monstrous Child, although unlike you I could not get very far through it. I don’t know if I’m going over the top here when I say it is one of the worst books I have tried to read this year. I think I gave it something like 2 stars because the premise was interesting, the cover amazing, but it all just fell flat.

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  4. I know I have said this but Aristotle and Dante is such a wonderful book! You will find interesting that some people love it and some other find it “meh” haha but it is really sweet! ❤ I hope you get to it soon! (I see this is from August… but if you have, I will love to check out the review :3)

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