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Today I’m coming at you with another post in my self-love series. I’ll talk about journaling. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who have this journals filled with their thoughts , worries, happy moments and fears. But I never was. I could never keep it up. That was untill a few months ago. I found a way to journal that was perfect for me.This may sound stupid, but the trick was simply to have a very thin notebook. The fact that I could see my progress so clearly made me excited. First I was starting a beautiful new notebook. Then I was already halfway through. Then I finished it and I got excited for a new notebook. All happened so quickly and it kept me excited to write. After a month or two, it had become a habit and I’m most excited about that.

If this doesn’t work for you, you could also try to get a calendar. Here you have very limited space to write about each day. So you’ll only have to write one sentence or a few bullet points.

You could also decide to just write when you feel like it. Thrice a week, twice a month, once every season, etc.


But Eva, why should I even bother to journal? Well, my friend, there are tons of reasons. Studies have shown that it helps clarifying your thoughts and feelings, knowing yourself, reducing stress, solving problems and solving disagreements with others more efficiently, sparking creativity, growing self-confidence, improving your writing, strengthening your self-discipline and a ton more!

Having a journal has so much benefits that it’s almost ridiculous. Of course there are various different kinds of journaling. I’ll go over and explain some of the kinds I do.



2017-08-12 03.44.01 1.jpg
notebook from Ikea

The Diary

I’ll start with the most known type, the diary. Every night, just before bed, I write in this notebook about my day. What happened, what made me laugh, what I felt, etc. I really like reflecting like this and I love to collect the memories. I really enjoy reading an old diary and seeing what I liked to do and what I thought and felt back then. For that reason I have a type of page I really like to include. I call them my ‘About me’ pages. I write down the date, my age and where I’m at school wise. Then I fill the page with things like: my closest friends, currently reading, last favourite book, last film I saw in cinemas, favourite TV show, favourite songs,… This is something I really like to look back on.

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notebooks from Studio Sweet & Sour

Morning Pages

In this journal I write every morning, instead of every night. If you haven’t heard of morning pages, the concept is that you write three (or more or less) pages every morning. It can be about anything. On some days you may end up with an amazing piece contemplating an aspect of your life and on other days you may end up with three pages filled with ‘I don’t know what to write.’ I have both and everything in between. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you write. I really like this, because I can just let loose. Sometimes I keep thinking and thinking about something and writing about helps calm my mind and put things in perspective.

Also, if you’re wondering what I use the other notebook for, I use it to write down ideas and things I don’t want to forget. I always have it on me and it really does help. I’ve written a ton of stuff down.

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quotes from I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

Art Journal

This is a journal I use to do everything creative. I love it. When I create something random, it’s almost always in here. It’s a space where I can keep everything together and I really like it. It’s filled with quotes, drawings, collages, handlettering, etc.

Travel Journal

And last, but definitely not least  is my travel journal. This might be my favourite out of the bunch. This is a kind of visual diary / collage of my travels. So far, I have pages about Amsterdam and my road trip as I only started it this year. I love to create the pages and look back on everything.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

One of the pages on Amsterdam in a notebook from Ikea

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That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed this post and that you took something from it. Thanks for reading.

Do you journal? In which ways? Chat to me down in the comments!

I’ll see you next time! Love,

eva 2.0





12 thoughts on “Have a journal (or two or three ) // Self-love

  1. I love these!! Currently I’m only keeping a book journal, where I write my thoughts on what I’m reading and jot down quotes. I have used it for some miscellaneous stuff as well, though, like reflecting on things. I was doing my morning pages for a while, but I do them on google docs because I write so much more quickly when I’m typing.

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  3. Yes, yes and yesssss! I adore journaling so much and it has helped me along the way with my anxiety too! I recommend journaling for everyone, even if it’s random or just for a few minutes of the day. There are times of ways you could be creative with the idea of journaling. At present, I own around 20 diaries🙈

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