My Eastern – European road trip pt. 3 // Travel

Today I’m writing a third post about my Eastern – European road trip. Here is part one and here is part two. I have been really enjoying telling you all about my travels, so let’s get started where I left of!

Day 10 – From Bibinje to Rab, Croatia

It took us quite a while to get to Rab, since there weren’t many highways and we had to take a ferry. That meant spending the entire day in the car. This was one of the lesser days of my trip, because I didn’t feel very well. I was way too hot, I got carsick and my back hurt because I was sunburnt. On the way we visited a salt farm (?). It was nice to learn more about the process. In the evening it cooled down a bit and I felt much better. We slept on the island Rab, but not in the town with the same name. We did go there for dinner though. I really liked it. It had a relaxed vibe and it reminded me of an Italian coastal town. We strolled through the town for a bit and then we had dinner at the water side. I really enjoyed it.


the salt farm


My mom and I in Rab



Day 11 – From Rab to Pula, Croatia

The first thing we did on this particular day was going to Paradise Beach on the other side of the island. We didn’t swim there, but we did want to take a look since the beach is often mentioned as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. It is indeed very nice, but it is so crowded and tourist-y now that it has lost some of its beauty in my opinion. They we drove back, took a ferry to the mainland and headed for Pula. There we just relaxed in our apartment. We weren’t in the center of Pula, more in the suburbs and we had a nice dinner by the waterside in the center of that part of the suburbs that night.


Paradise Beach


the beach near the apartment

Day 12 – Pula, Croatia

After sleeping in, we went to Pula. There are a lot of Roman remains here and I really liked that. I’m very interested in the Roman culture. First up, we visited the amphitheatre. It was still very intact and I could perfectly imagine how the Romans walked there all those years ago. I find it amazing that it’s still here! In the middle there was a stage set up and although I can imagine it must be awesome to watch a show here, I felt like it ruined the image. Underground there was a small exhibition about the Romans in Istria. It was interesting. Next we walked through the center of Pula and had a look at some of the other Roman remains. It was a very nice afternoon. We also had dinner here and let’s just say it wasn’t the best dinner we had during our trip. The service was so disorganised and the food was that good either. Oh well.



Day 13 – Rovinj, Croatia

In the afternoon we went to Rovinj to discover the town. I really liked it. It had a very nice, relaxing and cosy vibe to it. In a bookstore I finally found an English book I was interested in, The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. I was really excited about that. While walking through the small streets, we saw tons of beautiful things in unexpected places. We also went to the view-point and the church on top of the hill. I loved the view. We sat down and had a drink while admiring it. The church was very nice on the inside, with a lot of decoration. That night we didn’t go out for dinner. Instead my mom made pasta and it was delicious.




Day 14 – Pula, Croatia

We didn’t visit anything on this day. Instead we enjoyed a day by the beach near our apartment. It was very relaxing and I enjoyed it. The sea was a bit cold at first, but once you were completely in, it was very refreshing.


This is where I’ll stop for today. There will be one more post about this series, so look out for that! I’m making another one, because I have too much to say about our last stop, Venice, Italy. I hope you enjoyed reading this. See you next time!


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