My Eastern-European road trip pt. 2 // Travel

Today I’m writing another post about my Eastern-Europian road trip! I’m still travelling and I’m loving it! I love to see and explore new places and I’m utterly grateful for being able to do so. In my first post I left off telling you about the lakes of Plitvice, so today I’ll start with the following day.

Day 6 – From The lakes of Plitvice, Croatia to Bibinje, Croatia

After a great breakfast in the B&B we took off and drove through the countryside of Croatia. There are very few people who live here in comparison to Zagreb or the coast. At one point we had a great view from above of the islands in front of that coast. There where not what I expected at all. The nature is very dry and from there it seemed like there wasn’t any greenery at all. Then we drove alongside the coastline. The view of the water is beautiful. It so blue, not like what I’m used to at all. I didn’t particularly like this road though, I got carsick and it was far from pleasant. It was an understatement to say I was happy to arrive in our apartment for the next couple of days. The apartment was great actually, very spacious and modern with an amazing view. That evening we crossed the street to a small beach and we went swimming in the Adriatic sea. It was great! The water was so clear and had the perfect temperature.


the islands in front of the coast


the view from the apartment


my feet in the Adriatic sea

Day 7 – Bibinje, Croatia and Zadar, Croatia

After sleeping in for the first time on this trip, my mom and I went on a walk through the small village Bibinje. It was very nice and relaxed. We went to a bakery and got some bread and we walked alongside the boats. My favourite find was a pink wall of a gelato shop. The shop wasn’t open, but that didn’t stop me from posing in front of the wall! When we got back to the apartment, we discovered my dad had woken up and after a quick meal we went to Zadar. In Zadar they found some Roman remains and we took a look at those. I liked them, because most of the stones still had a lot of detail. Plus, I’m really interested in Roman culture and I’m studying Latin! Overall, I quite liked the old city of Zadar. (We didn’t go to the more modern part.) It was very peaceful to walk there and the buildings were nice. Halfway through the afternoon we crashed on a cute terrace. It was very hot and we had some time to kill. I read a lot of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and I enjoyed it! After diner we went to the water front to watch the sunset. There is a sea organ there and it’s very special. The moment was beautiful. We sat there with our feet in the water. Watching the sun go down and the ships that passed by. The sound of the sea gulls and the sea organ surrounding us. Feeling the light sea breeze touch our skin. Absolutely beautiful. That night, when we got back to the apartment, we decided to go swimming in the pool. It was really fun.


me in front of that wall




watching the sunset

Day 8 – Bibinje, Croatia and the Krka National Park, Croatia

I slept in and then I had a very relaxing morning. I read on the balcony and I watched some Netflix. Around three o’clock in the afternoon we left for the Krka National park. It was about an hours drive. There is a beautiful waterfall there and the coolest thing is that you can swim next to it. I highly enjoyed that! I lay in the water for a while looking at the waterfall and it let me to the idea for this post! After swimming we drove back to Bibinje and had dinner on the water front.


the Krka National Park

Day 9 – Bibinje, Croatia

On the ninth day of the road trip we decided not to do anything but relax. We hung out in the pool all day and met some lovely people. There were a bunch of Americans, Matt, Ellen, their 3 kids and their friend Erinn, and their was also a German couple and their two sons. We had a lovely chat. Another thing that I really liked were the swifts flying by and barely touching the water while drinking from the pool. They were beautiful. That night there was a storm and we watched the lightning above the mountains in the distance. It was magnificent!


This is where all stop now. I’m highly enjoying this great trip and I hope you’re enjoying coming along! Thanks for reading. See you next time!

Sending you lots of love,



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