Be present // Self-love

Today I’m writing another post in my self-love series. I got the idea for it yesterday when I was in the Krka National Park in Croatia. As you my know from my previous post, I’m currently on an East-Europian road trip. In the Krka National Park there’s a beautiful waterfall you may swim next to and while I was floating there, I had a deep moment thinking about life and it lead me to the idea of this post.


A lot of the people around me had waterproof cameras and they were taking amazing pictures in front of the waterfalls. To be honest with you guys, it sparked some jealousy in me, because I’d love to have such photos too. They would be great for sharing on social media for instance. Then I realised it’s not important at all. First of all it’s a very first world problem. (I’m very grateful to have only those.) Second of all, it’s enough to be present in the moment and just simply enjoy it and make good memories.

That brings me to the topic of today. It’s important to be present in the moment. We need to stop ruining great moments by worrying about the past or the future and instead just simply enjoy them. I know how hard it is to worry less. It’s not something you can decide and then do straight away. You can’t control your mind like that. Still it’s something that is very important to work on.

I’ve found that I enjoy life more and that I’m happier now that I’m being purposely more present. I’ve taken an example in one of my travels, but you can also be more present on ordinary days. Really take a moment to appreciate the sun shining into your room or your morning coffee or the birds singing. The little things in life are what happiness really is, I believe. So pay attention, be present and grateful and enjoy life!

I hope you enjoyed this post and took something from it. Thank you for reading! See you next time.




4 thoughts on “Be present // Self-love

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  3. I think self love is something which is so important in today’s world where everyone is addicted to what they see in magazines and stuff.. We are so lost in other people’s world and in our own social world that we forget to actually live the moment..

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