My Eastern-European road trip // Travel

Today I’m writing something I don’t usually post, but I still love to do it! I’m talking about posts about travelling. This July I’m going on a road trip in Eastern-Europe together with my parents and I’m bringing you along! This post will feature the first five days, but I still have more than enough to talk about!

Day 1 – From Belgium, through Luxemburg, to Bayern, Germany

On the very first day we spend a lot of time in the car. We drove around a 1000 kilometres! We ended the day in Bayern, Germany. We had booked a hotel in a very typical village near a lake. It was beautiful.


the view from our hotel room


a house in the village


the lake

Day 2 – From Bayern, Germany, through Austria, to Medvode, Slovenia

The next day I started with a morning walk with my mom. We walked through the village to the lake. It was amazing and very quiet. I always forget how noisy it actually is back home untill I come somewhere where it is this quiet. After breakfast we jumped in the car and we drove for a bit. We had lunch in the Alps in Austria. It was the first time I went to this country and I must say it’s beautiful. We had lunch on a grass field in the middle of the mountains. It was amazing! Then we passed the Slovenian border and drove to a mountain pass called Vrsic. It had around 50 very narrow curbs and it was a whole way up! Still, it was very much worth it as the view on the way up was magnificent. Then we went to the Bled lake. This is a very popular touristic destination and there where tons of tourists! This made finding a parking spot very hard. Since we were already rather late, we didn’t get a chance to swim or take a boot to the island in the middle. We did enjoy our walk alongside the lake though! Then we drove to our B&B in Medvode. This is about 10 km away from Ljubljana. For some reason all the restaurants in the surrounding area were closed that day, so we went to the outskirts of the capital and we found a restaurant that was open. It’s called Lars & Sven® and it’s kind of a hipster McDonald’s. The quality was better though and the burgers were delicious! The bookstores there were open ’till nine, so after diner I bought #Girlboss by Sophia Amouroso. I have a tradition of buying a book on holiday as a kind of souvenir. I did the same thing in Amsterdam and every time I see those books I still think of those amazing days.


Vrsic mountain pass


At the top of the Vrsic mountain pass

Day 3 – From Ljubljana, Slovenia to Zagreb, Croatia

After breakfast in the B&B we went to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. This may be a rather small capital, but I still really like it. There was some beautiful architecture, but I mainly loved the overall vibe of the city. It didn’t feel pressured at all. In most capitals everyone is rushing from here to there, but that’s not what it felt like here. I loved that. Then we drove to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. I liked this city less. It wasn’t nearly as beautiful and it felt very dirty everywhere. In the evening there were tons of restaurants and bars open though, so it was vibrant, but still I liked Ljubljana better. That night we slept in this awesome B&B. Their interior was super cool.






Our B&B in Zagreb

Day 4 – From Zagreb, Croatia, through Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the lakes of Plitvice, Croatia

This day we started with a disappointment. The night before we had passed a bookstore that was closed, so this morning we went back in search of another souvenir book. Sadly, they didn’t have any English ones. Then we left Zagreb and we drove for a while. We had decided we would drive through Bosnia and Herzegovina, because it’s highly unlikely we would ever get there if we didn’t do it then. From what I’ve seen of it, it seems like a poor country, but don’t shoot me if that isn’t right. It’s just the impression I got. The roads were very windy that day and I got carsick. It wasn’t very pleasant, but I got through it. We arrived in the guest house near the plitvice lakes in the late afternoon and we decided to visit the park and already do the lower lakes in the evening. The sun was still up untill late, but it wasn’t too hot. These lakes are beautiful! The water is super clear and very blue. These lakes and waterfalls are seriously Ah – Ma – Zing!


the border


one of the many waterfalls, these are some of the very small ones



Look how clear the water is!

Day 5 – The lakes of Plitvice, Croatia

This morning we went back to the national park and we walked alongside the upper lakes. It was absolutely beautiful. The upper lakes were even more pristine than the lower. It was fantastic to walk there. I’m so happy I’ve been there. In the afternoon we went swimming. It isn’t allowed to swim in the lakes of Plitvice, which I completely understand. It would ruin the beauty if there were tons of tourists swimming there. So we went to the nearby Korana river. The water is just as clear there and it was delightful to swim. It has been very hot and the refreshing water was most welcome. It’s about 38 degrees Celsius here.


Some of the medium sized waterfalls



Swimming in the Korana river

Those are the first five days of my trip! I’m scheduling this post, so by the time this goes up I’ll be somewhere else! I hope you enjoyed this post and that you’ll tune in for the rest of my trip. See you next time!

Sending you lots of love,


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