June TBR // My first ever monthly TBR

This is the first time I set myself a monthly TBR. I’m a mood reader, so normally I have no idea what I’ll pick up next, but for this month I already have some books picked out. So I thought this would be the perfect month to set myself a TBR. I know the first five days of the month have already passed, but I don’t think that will matter much. Continue reading



I am in love with words
with their fullness and beauty
their inspiring power and loving caress
They console me and shine through my art
fill those empty spaces that were left in my heart
They take me to worlds I couldn’t even dream
gift me with journeys to places unseen
As they brighten my day and enable the sun to shine through
they fill me with knowledge and gratitude
My adoration for learning is aided by them
For they make me see just how unknowing I am
They carry intelligence and a love for the world
as long as you the beauty of it all
Often they linger on my tongue but flow through my hands
as they guide me to the piece of mind I’ve wanted for months on end
I am a lover of words

Thanks for reading! See you next time!