How diverse have I read ? // Mid-year check up

If you’ve been here for a while you might remember that one of my bookish New Year Resolutions was to read more diverse. This is something I still really want to do, so today I’m looking at how good I did in the past six months.

I think the best way to do is to take a look at my stats. So first of all, up until now I’ve read a total of 45 books in 2017!









april 2.0.png





june 2.0

I might finish another book in June, but for now these are all the books I’ve read in 2017!

Regarding the author

gender skin colour

When it comes to gender I think the main reason I read mostly female authors is that most YA is written by this gender. I normally don’t pay attention to the author at all, because in a way it makes the stories feel less real to know who created them. So when it comes to skin colour I want you to know I don’t actively choose to read so little by authors of colour. Actually, I didn’t even realise it until earlier today when I looked up photos of all the authors. This is definitely something I want to improve on.

Regarding the main character

gender2 skin colour2

sexual orientation disability

I already knew I read more books with female protagonists than ones with male protagonists. I don’t think it is such a bad thing really. Most books I’m interested in have a female main character. When it comes to skin colour I definitely have to change my habits. I don’t read nearly enough books with non-white main characters. I didn’t realise how bad it was until today. Same thing goes for sexual orientation. I’m kind of disappointed in myself. As for disabilities, I looked it up and nearly one in five people has a disability. Those numbers match my reading so I think I’m okay as far as that goes.


Regarding the side characters

  • books with side-characters in the LGBTQ+ spectrum: 11
  • books with non-white side-characters: 19
  • books with side characters with a disability : 1

I didn’t make diagrams for the side-characters, because I wasn’t sure if I should count how many side characters in each book or not. So above you can find the amount of books. I think I can improve.

Regarding the language


This doesn’t really have to do with diversity, but while I was making the diagrams I was curious to see how many books I read in each language I speak. So I decided to make another diagram, because why not? It turns out English and Dutch are almost the same with the odd French book thrown in there. I started out the year reading mainly in Dutch, but now I read almost all books in English.


So overall I don’t think I failed, because I chose to read some books solely because of the diversity (e.g. Wonder by R.J. Palacio). Still I can definitely improve a lot and I want to in the course of the next six months.

I hope you enjoyed this post. See you next time!



16 thoughts on “How diverse have I read ? // Mid-year check up

  1. My goal at the beginning of 2017 was to read 2 diverse books for every 1 non-diverse book. For that, I’m focusing on main characters specifically (although I am trying to read as many #OwnVoices books as possible). So I count characters with disabilities (including mental illness), POC characters, LGBTQIA+ characters, religious diversity, etc.

    Something that’s helped me, at least, is that I’ve been following along with the Diverse Reads 2017 challenge. They have a different category for each month, from which you can choose as many or as few books as you want. It’s given me a lot of titles I’d never heard of before, but I also enjoy having something on which to focus my reading. Obviously I’ve read books outside of the specific monthly challenge, but the booklist is amazing. I’m linking you to the announcement post in case you want to check it out, participate, or even just explore some of the recommendations.

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  2. Reading diversely is important but it’s not something I actively seek out, either. I pick up a book I think I’ll enjoy, and if it happens to be diverse, well, all the better!
    I’m glad you’ll try to do so in the future, though ๐Ÿ™‚ You never know the gems you’ll find that way. Still, really good job so far!

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