What do you love about yourself? // Self-love

In this post in my self-love series I want you to ask yourself a question. What do you love about yourself? This is such an important thing to think about, because loving yourself is just that, important.

So take a piece of paper and a pen or perhaps go to a digital place and start your list. I want you to go through everything and really appreciate what you love about yourself.

These could be things about your body. For example:

  • your hands
  • your hair
  • your lips
  • your legs
  • your length

These things could also be about your inner beauty, about your character. For example:

  • your generosity
  • your social skills
  • your positivity

Also think about your skills and abilities. These are important too! For example:

  • how organised you are
  • how good you are in a certain sport
  • your art skills
  • how quickly you can read
  • your learning skills

And there is so much more to think about, but these are a good start!

I sincerely hope you took something from this post. See you next time!




One thought on “What do you love about yourself? // Self-love

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