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If you want to  be able to love yourself, your surroundings are very important. I would recommend to create a positive environment to live in. I’m writing this post to help you with that. One of my favourite ways to find motivation, positivity and self-love tips online is YouTube. They are so many wonderful videos out there and today I want to share my favourites with you! Afbeelding2

largeyljfvhjnThe first Youtuber I want to talk about is Lilly Singh a. k. a. IISuperwomanII. She is wonderful and positive and I especially love her motivational videos. Recently she also wrote a book called How To Be a Bawse and I loved it! She finds a way to bring real life lessons in a funny, relatable and understanding way. I would recommend both her YouTube channel and her books.

Favourite videos: Ten more reasons to smile5 REAL ways to get your work done, Inner beauty make up tutorial, How to stay positive, How to NOT be a jerk on the internet, How to stop throwing shade, Three girls, One elevator ,…

muchellebThe next Youtuber I want to talk about is Michelle a. k. a. Muchelleb. She makes amazing videos in which she talks about minimalism, positivity, self-love and happiness. I would highly recommend her channel! A while ago she did a 30 day minimalism challenge for which she posted daily videos. That’s how I discovered her channel. Since then I have been following her and watching every video she puts out. Her videos are short and she goes straight to the point of what she’s trying to say. I really like that!

Favourite videos: How to turn a slug day around , 20 useful things to learn in 2017, How to build and keep good habits, 15 excellent reasons to wake up early, How to feel a little better, Dealing with overwhelm, 30 day simplify your life challenge,

erin may henry.png

I only discovered Erin May Henry a few days ago, but I love her channel! It is full of motivational and empowering videos. She also focuses a lot on achieving your goals and dreams and on working on your career. She is a life coach and if I’m correct her YouTube channel is part of her business.

Favourite videos: How to stop negative self talk, A simple tip to overcome nerves, 5 steps for a healthy mindset, 5 reasons you’re not sticking to your resolutions or goals,

Other videos I like to watch that I find motivational are New Year’s Resolutions videos. I believe that you don’t have to wait for New Year or any other specific date to have a new goal and work for it. If you want to do something, do it now. You might think this contradicts with my liking of those videos, but actually it doesn’t. These videos include all types of ideas on amazing stuff you may want to achieve and often times I find it motivational to hear someone else talk about their goals.

Favourite videos: 50 New Year’s resolution ideas for 2017, 50 New Year’s resolution ideas, 7 easy ways to make your 2017

There are also some other videos I want to share with you. These are just random videos I found on channels that don’t focus on these types of themes, but have made an occasional video about them.

25 Ideas & DIY’s to do by yourselfie, When your lost,  How I stay positive, things I wish I’d know as a teenager, How to beat procrastination, Real tips on self-love, Self care tips,

To help you guys out here is a link to my Motivational YouTube playlist. All the videos mentioned above are in it!


Those are all the videos I wanted to share today. I hope you liked them and this post! See you next time!

Sending lots of love your way!


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