Show your gratitude // Self-love

Showing gratitude is a very important thing in my opinion. Often times we don’t even realize how much we have to be grateful for, at least I don’t always realize it. Sometimes it’s hard to remember we actually are lucky. So today I think I can help you with that.


My biggest tip would be to start a gratitude journal. This doesn’t have to be a real journal, it could also be online, in your notes app, in your bullet journal, on post-it notes, on random pieces of paper, etc. The idea is that you jot down what you are grateful for.

This could be a daily thing. Each day you can write down what you were grateful for that day. It could also be something you look back on once in a while. This is what I do, because I find it hard to come back to my journal on a daily basis.

It’s important that you not only jot down the big things, like family or a roof above your head, but that you also think about the smaller things you are very grateful for. It makes you look back on your own life and put things in perspective. As an example, here is a list of 5 things I am grateful for at the moment:

  • the strawberries I ate ten minutes ago
  • wi-fi
  • the ability to share this post
  • the jean jacket I’m wearing
  • having a free period

It really isn’t hard to do, but it does change your mindset for the better!


The other tip I want to share with you is changing sorry to thank you. For example, instead of saying ‘Sorry, I’m late.‘ say ‘Thank you for waiting.‘ It’s a simple thing to do but it again changes your mindset. People will appreciate you showing your gratitude towards them.

Of course I’m not telling you to never say sorry, because if you’ve done something wrong it is important you apologize.


Thank you for reading my post! I sincerely hope you took something from it. See you next time!


2 thoughts on “Show your gratitude // Self-love

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