Declutter your home // self-love

Often times the power of decluttering is very underestimated. It can truly make you feel more free, believe me. People tend to hoard so much unnecessary stuff they don’t do anything with. While reading the last sentence you may have got a vision of one of those TV programs with extreme hoarders and you may think you are not a hoarder at all. Well let me tell you, there is a big chance you are. Not many people are as extreme as the people in those TV shows, but most people still hang on to stuff for no reason. Now before you click away, let me explain.Let me take myself as an example; I had several drawers full of old stuff I used to play with when I was younger. This included drawing books, notebooks, math books, etc. I kept on to them for all these years thinking I might enjoy them one day. Well as you expect, I grew out of them and I never used them again, but still they were lying around my room. So one day I decided that I had enough and I went through it all. I still kept a few sentimental things, like my diary, but for the most part it all went to recycling / the garbage bag.

So please don’t think I’m telling you to get rid of everything you own , buy a backpack and go out into the world, although if you want that you can do that. Believe me, I’m far from that point. Still, not seeing all the unnecessary crap when I open my drawers makes me feel more free. Decluttering the first drawer made me feel  so good I immediately did my entire room.

I didn’t think I was a hoarder and still it surprised my how much I got rid of once I let myself and today I’m telling you, you might surprise yourself too! You don’t have to go through all your sentimental items the first time you declutter, it’s the hardest part. Start with something easy, for example your junk drawer.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my post and it motivated you to get started! See you next time!


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