What do you do when you have no inspiration? // Let’s talk!

So, it happens to the best of us. You want to write a blog post, you open a new post on WordPress (or Bloglovin’, Tumblr, Blogger,…) and you just stare at the blank page. Zero inspiration. Believe me, I have been there. So what do you do?


This question doesn’t have a perfect answer that works for everyone. Everyone is different after all. I might not be able to tell you what will work for you, it’s up to you to experience with it, but at least I can tell you what I do.

IMG_20170130_164931_749.jpgHaving no inspiration sucks the most when you don’t have any posts scheduled and you want to write a post and publish it write away. In this case I mostly refer to the long list of tags and awards I was tagged to do and see which one intrigues me the most. Tags are an awesome way to know what to write, because it’s basically all there already.

Another thing I have seen a lot of people do are memes. Memes are posts based on (weekly) prompts and they give you the inspiration to get started. I think the most popular one is Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

What you can also do is going to all the books you’ve recently read and see if there is one you’d like to review or even start a discussion about. I’m going to be honest though, most of the time this doesn’t work for me personally. I’m catching up on the most popular books and often times I feel like there is no need for another review of those books if I have the same opinion as most do. I do review

  1. books I found important and want to spread the word about (Wonder by R. J. Palacio  )
  2. popular books I have an unpopular opinion about ( Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy )
  3. Not so popular books I think deserve more love. (Like no other by Una LaMarche )
  4. All time favorites   (Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli )


But what if I want to do something more original? Well I get you. Sometimes I just want to write posts not everyone else is doing. Here are some tips to come up with inspiration.

Look at yourself. Often times I find inspiration in my own thoughts. I have wanted to write discussion posts for a whole while now, but I didn’t dare, because I thought people IMG_20170206_164118_365would criticise my thoughts and opinions. I don’t want to offend people. So what did I do? I got the courage and I was honest about this. I wrote a post asking if I can discuss diversity if I come from a privileged place. I talked about how I know that Own Voices are more important and my fear of offending anyone. And you know what? People were so kind to me and responded wonderfully. I have now faced a big part of my fear by just being honest.

Actually, I’m going to be honest with you write now. I’m writing this post because I had no inspiration myself and that’s okay. I thought about what I usually do when I face this problem and somewhere in that thought-process I came up with the idea for this post. I’m serious when I tell you to look at yourself for inspiration.

If you still don’t have any ideas you can explore other bloggers, BookTube or even Bookstagram for inspiration. I’m not telling you to go copying someone else’s idea, but they can be a valuable source. Take Bookstagram for example. There are tons of monthly photo challenges with prompts that are waiting to inspire you. ‘Candy & Books’ might be intended as a photo prompt, but who says you can take it as inspiration and write a pairing guide for example? You could match which candy fits best with a book and Boom! post idea!


If you still don’t have any post ideas after all of this, I want you to remember that’s okay too. It is still your blog and if you don’t know what to put on it, it’s fine, you’ll come up with an idea next time!

So what do you think? Do you agree? What do you do in search of inspiration?

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post! Definitely let me know your opinion down in the comments! See you next time!






3 thoughts on “What do you do when you have no inspiration? // Let’s talk!

  1. I like to jot things down as they come to me. There have been many times where I’m going for a walk, or a drive, and something random sparks an idea, or I overhear a snippet of conversation.
    I think it’s very easy to dismiss random thoughts as nothing more, but I would say stand ready with pen and paper.
    I also think sometimes it’s good to just mentally ramble, jotting down whatever thoughts we have, even if the only thing we are thinking about is how we’re struggling to come up with something to write.
    I think it’s good to just write regularly, regardless of whether I know what I’m writing, and then look back a few days later and see what’s worth keeping.

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