‘What cats do’ book tag

A very big thank you to Nadwa@painfullyfictional for tagging me to do this fun tag! She has an awesome blog, so definitely check her out! This tag was created by Kate @meltingpotsandothercalamities. I don’t have a cat myself, but nonetheless I think they are very cute so let’s get started!


Purr – As cats do this when they’re happy or relaxed, what is the book that makes you happiest or relaxed?

I loved The Selection series by Kiera Cass. It’s super unrealistic and corny, but so romantic.



Sleep – What is a book that put you to sleep or was just boring?

For this question I am going to go with Give me space! by Thea Beckman. This book was extremely boring and sadly it was required reading for my History class.


Seems to Play Nice…Until the Claws are Out – Which book had the biggest plot twist?

Of course I can’t say much, because of spoilers, but let’s just say I did not expect the big plot twist  in Red queen by Victoria Aveyard.


Cuddles – Which book character would you give a hug to?

I would like to give a hug to Noah from I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson. He’s so sad and I think he could really use a hug.


Catnip – What’s a book that made you have warm and fuzzy feels?

I’m currently reading The little book shop of happy ever after by Jenny Colgan and it’s great! It’s a really cute story and I love the bookish vibe and all the book references!


Cat Breeds – What are your favorite books?

These are some of my favourites:

19547856      13188676       22328546

20820994      11235712       11870085-1

I like all of these for very different reasons, but I recommend all of them very dearly!


Getting the Cat – How did you find your favorite book(s)?

Most of them I found while I was browsing the library. Some of them were recommended to me.


The Vet’s Office – Your least favorite book:

The last book I read that I really didn’t like is Le cinqième doigt by Richard De Boeck. This is a book I needed to read for French class and it was sexist, racist and very problematic in a lot of other ways too. I hate this book!


Being in Places They Shouldn’t – Least favorite cliche:

I really don’t like it when bad boys who treat girls horrendously are romanticized. I just can’t stand it. An example of this is Four from the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. Throughout this series he constantly treats Tris badly and I just can’t get behind their relationship.


Final Question: The Good Old Cardboard Box – Most underrated book series:

Like no other by Una Lamarche is a very diverse read I really enjoyed reading. However it has less than 2000 ratings on Goodreads!


Jenn, Eden and Caitlynn@Thriceread





That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post! See you next time!



21 thoughts on “‘What cats do’ book tag

  1. You did my tag! Yay! And I liked your answers, although I haven’t really read many of them 😥. And I have to say I agree with your dislike of the “bad boy” trope in books. I’m not a fan either. The only character I can think of who I like that fits the trope (although it’s only the first book, because of spoilers) is Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices series. I didn’t care for him at first because of the trope, but as time went on, he proved to have a ton of depth.
    And I love your kitty graphics! OMG, they were so cute!

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  3. I love this tag! Because cats ❤
    And I totally agree with you, guys who are major jerks to girls for no apparent reason and then decide they're in love with them (yet continue to abuse them) needs to stop. Except for very specific examples, I can't stand that trope.

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  4. Is it alright if I use your adorable cat images in my tag post? I think they are so pretty and absolutely purrfect (see what I did there? 😉) I’m a terrible human being. 🙃

    Also I know im terrible behind in doing this tag! You tagged me so long ago. But this tag is too cute not to do.

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  5. Is it alright if I use your adorable cat images in my tag post? I think they are so pretty and absolutely purrfect (see what I did there? 😉) I’m a terrible human being. 🙃

    Also I know im terribly behind in doing this tag. You tagged me so long ago. But this tag is too cute not to do.


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