Why everyone should read

In my time being a reader I have discovered more and more reason why reading is amazing. Today I will share them with you! These are not the lame reasons teachers tell you that are totally not convincing, at least not the ones all my teachers have told me through the years. Instead these are some really great reasons.

It’s social!

Okay, so you now probably thinking ‘Eva, what do you mean? Reading isn’t social!’, and I must agree. Reading itself isn’t social, but afterwards you can find people all over the world to talk to about all the books you’ve read, loved, despised or just simple about how stunning they are. You find people you wouldn’t have found if you didn’t read and I love that!

You gain knowledge!

And you don’t even have to study for it! In this case I’m not really talking about school knowledge though. I’m talking about people knowledge. With every diverse book I read it gives me a view on how it is to live with a different skin colour, level of ability, sexual orientation, culture, etc. I find this very important because I’m not part of a marginalized group.


You gain social skills!

This is something I feel strongly about and that I truly believe in. Reading has already helped me with my social skills. (Not that I was a super bad human or anything.) Every time you read a book you get into someone elses mind. You see how they react to things, how they handle certain situations, what their thoughts are, etc. I feel that this helps me in real life, because with every book I read I have a better idea of how someone might feel in a real life situation. Reading gains me perspective.

Books are pretty!

Okay, this is superficial, I know, I just love the way it feels to hold a physical book. The covers can be so stunning! It’s amazing!


You don’t have to look at a screen!

Personally, I find reading to be an escape from all the screens. In the morning I get up and check my phone. In school the boards are digital. For blogging and school assignments after school I use my computer. In the evening I watch TV,… Do you see why I think reading is a way to unwind without all of the screens? ‘But Eva, what about e-reading?’ Yes I hear you, but I do not use an e-reader. It makes my eyes hurt after a while and it would be yet another screen in my day already full of screens.


It’s not boring!

Every time some says to me they don’t like reading, I ask why. They always say it’s boring, but the thing is it’s not. Typing this, a quote by J.K. Rowling comes to mind.

If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.

– J. K. Rowling

I do believe this is true. These people always take the books we have to read for school as examples and on that one I must agree with them. Most of those books are boring or just simply bad. ( I did a tiny rant about the last one I had to read for French class in my January wrap up.) However, there are so many more, wonderful books out there and there is something for everyone, I’m convinced of that. Reading doesn’t have to be boring, most of the time it’s amazing! Books are funny, heart warming, heart breaking, sweet, en escape to a different world. A good book makes you feel stuff. It makes you laugh and cry, it makes you mad at the characters you don’t like, you feel for the characters you do, etc.

It’s like a movie inside your head!

But, you can imagine it the way you want! If a certain scene is gruesome, just imagine it less! If a book say someone is hot, imagine them like someone you find hot, it’s different for everyone. There are so many more example of this!


People will think you are intelligent!

This might not be the best reason to start reading, but if people ask about your hobbies and you say reading, they will be impressed. Also, don’t we all look smarter with a book in our hands?

It helps you with your writing!

I know I said I wouldn’t give you the reasons teachers always tell you, but now I am… Sorry. I just feel that they do make a point. I know this might not seem like a cool benefit, but reading has helped me a lot with my writing, especially in English, since it’s not my mother tongue. You gain new vocabulary, grammar skills and just how to make beautiful sentences and it all happens unconsciously. Well It does for me, I don’t have to do an effort for this. When I talk about writing, I don’t necessarily mean a 300 pages long book, it could be a school assignment, a blog, social media, or even a diary if you have one of those! I feel like reading has helped me with my writing on this blog. I still often feel like it is too simple, but over the past two years or so, I have noticed an immense improvement!

There are countless other reasons why reading is amazing, but I am going to stop here. Most of my followers, probably don’t need convincing to read, but I hope you still enjoyed it! Maybe you could show this to some of the non-readers in your life 🙂 See you next time!




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