My favourite books of 2016

I’ve always loved reading, but only this year I discovered the awesome book community. I got a lot of recommendations and I read a ton of fantastic books, both inside and outside. I only started tracking my reading in May and I don’t really remember what I read in the first part of the year, so these are my favourite books I read in 2016 starting from May. It was hard, but I managed to choose my top ten books. Here they are.

10. The Selection series by Kiera Cass



I read the first four books of this series in four days and I loved them. I know they’re super corny, but I don’t even care. They are so romantic and sweet and they really cheered me up in sadder times. (I had some health issues at the time.) I had to wait two months for the last book, The Crown, to come out and this was the first book I ever anticipated. Most of the series I read are already complete, so this was a new experience for me. The first three books are my favourites. I like America more than Eadlyn, but I still really enjoyed the last two books. I would rank the books in this series like so: The One, The Crown, The Selection, The Elite and The Heir.

172346589. A Thousand pieces of you by Claudia Gray


I picked this book up in the library because I loved the cover. It is soooooo gorgeous. The story also intrigued me, but I had read some bad reviews about it. Nonetheless I picked it up, even if it was only for bookstagram purposes. ( @brilliantly_bookish_ – shameless self promo, I know). I then read the book and I loved it. The romance, the world building, the time travel, that  plot twist at the end, etc. I was a bit annoyed with Marguerite at times though.

8. The hidden oracle by Rick Riordan26252859


This is the first Riordan book on this list and also the first in his new ‘The Trials of Apollo’ series. I love his writing, it’s funny, thrilling, diverse and simple a delight to read. I also really like the way he incorporates mythology into his books. In this book in particular, I really liked Apollo and his haiku’s at the beginning of each chapter. I also really liked Percy (If you’ve read the book, you know what I’m talking about.) I liked how this started a whole new story and I’m so happy I don’t have to say goodbye to this world yet.

7. Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

Goodreads – My review

This is the last book in Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Trilogy. I really liked MPHFPC and Hollow city, but Library of Souls really did it for me. I loved the characters and the plot, even though the end was a bit to easy. For more detailed thoughts about this trilogy, you can check out my review.

157243966. The sword of summer by Rick Riordan


Here I am with another book written by Rick Riordan. This time it’s the first book in his ‘Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard’ series. I loved it. I loved the characters, the plot, Uncle Rick’s writing style, the diversity,… Magnus was an awesome main character. He was funny, quick-witted and adventurous. Riordan also has diversity in this book. There is a deaf elf, a muslim girl who wears a hijab and a dwarf. I’ve heard there’s a genderfluid character introduced in the second book of the series. Also, can we talk about Annabeth cameo in this book? I loved it.

5. the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan


These are the last Rick Riordan books on this list, I promise. I just love his books. Again I loved the characters, the plot, his writing style and the diversity. I loved both camps, although my heart is still with camp Half-Blood. I love the seven and Reyna and Nico. They all have amazing stories and back stories. I would recommend this series to anyone!

4. Red queen by Victoria Aveyard22328546

Goodreads – My review

My love for this book was rather unexpected. I was browsing the books in the library and I took this book home because I liked the cover and I could use it for bookstagram. I hadn’t  read fantasy for a while and this book sparked my love for the genre. This book is full of plot twists and it constantly kept my on the edge of my seat. For more detailed thoughts, check out my review!

3.The book thief by Markus Zusak


I saved this book from the trash when my grandparents moved. They had an entire wall in their living room filled with books, but they couldn’t take them with them. I could take the books I wanted. This book was one of them. I’d heard marvelous things about it and I was curious if to know if they were true. And oh, they were. Having death as a narrater was beautiful, interesting, thought-provoking and also sad. I felt for the characters and even though the plot was a bit slow, I didn’t mind. That ending was so sad. I’m not one to cry quickly and there are only two books that have made me cry, TFIOS and this book. I read the last chapters with tears running down my face.

208209942. I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson


This book also came as a bit of a surprise to me. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. It’s a contemporary following twins, but it’s about so much more than that. Noah is gay and I loved his relationship with Brian. I loved Guillermo, Noah, Jude, Brian and Oscar. I adore Jandy Nelson’s writing style. It’s very metaphorical and utterly beautiful. There were whole passages I immediately read again because they were so amazingly written. IGYTS is full of awesome quotes, was quirky and I loved it. I would recommend it to anyone!

1. Cinder by Marissa Meyer11235712


My favourite book this year is also the one on this list that I read the most recent. I’d been hesitant to read it because I thought I didn’t like sci-fi, but I do. I loved this book so much. Its plot is fast-paced and entertaining. I loved the characters and the romance. The retelling of the original Cinderella story is done wonderfully and I can’t wait to pick up the rest of this series. I loved this book so much that I had to own it, so I asked for the entire series for Christmas.

And that’s the end of the list! I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites and that you’ll pick up some of these books!

I want to wish you all very happy holidays! No matter what religion you believe or don’t believe in, I hope you’ll find love, happiness and joy in this time of year! Enjoy!





6 thoughts on “My favourite books of 2016

  1. Loved this list! Rick Riordan’s books are so awesome! I hope he keeps writing more and more new books set in the Camp Half Blood universe.

    I loved the first book in the Selection series but sadly wasn’t able to enjoy the rest of the parts as much. The covers are so pretty though!

    I’ll Give You The Sun absolutely stole my heart! Even I hadn’t expected to like it as much as I did.

    The Red Queen was a nice book too. Still have to read the sequels though.

    Cinder is an outstanding book! Wait till you read the other parts haha.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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