DIY bookish ornaments

This morning I was looking at our beautiful Christmas tree – if I say so myself – and I realised we have no bookish theme ornaments in there. This had to change, so I DIY’ed some. This is how you can make them too.

I made two different types of ornaments, but in both cases I started with a clear bauble. So without further ado, let’s get started.


The curly pages ornament



Making this ornament is very easy. This is what you will need:


  • scissors
  • a clear bauble
  • some pencils
  • a cutting knife (I’m not sure how you call it.)
  • a book you are willing to cut up or some printed out book pages.

*Disclaimer* I feel no regret cutting up this book, because otherwise it was going in the trash. Instead I am giving it a second life.

1. Cut out a page from the book.

2. Cut the page into strips.



3. Wrap the strips around a pencil ( or something else that is round.)

4. Put the pencils under something heavy. I used the book I cut the page out of.

img_20161222_111909-3  img_20161222_112807-2

5. Take the strips of the pencils. You should end up with something like this.


6. Repeat step #1 – 5 untill you have enough strips of paper to fill the bauble.

7.  Fill the bauble and put it in your christmas tree.

8. Admire.


The Harry Potter ornament

I call this bauble a Harry Potter ornament, because I chose Harry Potter related images, but of course you can theme this to anything you like.



To make this you will need:

  •  some printed images
  • scissors
  • a cutting knife
  • glue
  • a fine black marker
  • a clear bauble
  • a book you are willing to cut up or some printed out book pages
  • a pencil (I forgot to put it in the picture.)
  • Optional: cardboard


1.Cut out a page from the book

2. Trace the bauble

3. Cut out the circle

img_20161222_121939-2     img_20161222_122047-2


For the first side:

4. Cut out the printed image a glue it to the paper circle.

IMG_20161222_122958 (2).jpg

For the second side:

5. Print the image you want to transfer.

6. Go over the back of the image in pencil.

7. Cut the image to size and position it where you want.

img_20161222_123133-2    img_20161222_123221-2

8. Go over the outline of the image. Because of the pencil on the back the image will transfer and you will end up with something like this.

9. Go over the pencil marks with a fine black marker. (The black looks better in real life.)

img_20161222_123516-2     IMG_20161222_123957 (2).jpg

Optional : It depends on the paper you are using, but if you find it necessary, you can make it a bit stronger using some cardboard.

10. Put the paper circle in the middle of the bauble. You can use some glue if you want.

11. Admire.



And that’s it! Both these ornaments are very easy to make. You can make them for yourself or you can gift them to the reader in your life. I hope you enjoyed this post, I’m thinking about maybe doing bookish DIY’s more often. Let me know what you think! Untill next time.



*Disclaimer* I must say I’m not very professional when it comes to DIY’s, so please excuse me if you think these aren’t good / neat enough.





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