16 bookstagram accounts I’m in love with

The end of 2016 is getting closer and closer and that inspired me to look back on the year. I’m going to start a mini – series on my blog called ’16 things’. In every post I’ll make a list of sixteen things to look back on this year and today I’m starting with sixteen bookstagram accounts I love.

For those of you that don’t know what bookstagram is, it’s basically Instagram  for books. Instead of posting pics of your friends, food, children, clothes, pets,… you post pictures of books. I discovered bookstagram in June and on the first of August I started an account myself. I’ve been loving it so far. My account name is @brilliantly_bookish_ . Feel free to follow me!

img_20161207_124645  img_20161209_165518  img_20161205_065840  img_20161120_104149

                                           shameless self-promo, I know

This list is in no particular order, so without further ado, let’s get started!

1.  xenatine

I love what Christine over at @xenatine does. She makes stunning book crowns and I love how she sets up her photos. In my opinion she is the queen of bookcrowns.


2. readingoncloud9

Karmen over at @readingoncloud9 makes these beautiful set ups for her photos. They’re very symmetric and I love that. It’s also something you don’t come across often on bookstagram and I haven’t seen anyone do it as good as she does.


3. therusticwindow

Cici over at @therusticwindow has this fantastic rustic theme (You probably guessed that from the name…) and I love it!


4. theliteraryllama

Dayle over at @theliteraryllama has awesome drawing skills. She makes these stunning and very intricate drawings on her chalkboard and she also very nice too! I love her photos and her account name, I really like llamas you know.


5. athousandbookstoread

Caden over at @athousandbookstoread has a stunning account I only discovered recently but I already love.


6. bookishbynature

I love Jennifer’s outside theme over at @bookishbynature . Her theme is also a bit darker and I like that too 🙂


7. ninoimwunderland

The way Nina over at @ninoimwunderland sets up her photos is so stunning. I love her account.


8. bibliotrix.lestrange

Vic’s photos over at @bibliotrix.lestrange have this dark vibe going on and I love it.


9. fictionandfae

On the other hand Ella over at @fictionandfae has a very light theme and I also love it. I really like the simplicity of it.


10. thebookranter

Emilie over at @thebookranter has this stunning account I can’t help but love. It has a bit more of a messy vibe to it and I really like it.


11. readbliss

I love the light and simplistic theme of this account. (@readbliss )


12. filipinafangirling

Sen over at @filipinafangirling is really nice and she has a lovely account.


13. cfeecup

Coleen over at @cfeecup is also really nice and she has this stunning account with a rustic feel to it.


14. someotherstories

@someotherstories is an account with beautiful outside pictures. I looooove the theme.


15. thebookishhowler

These pictures are so stunning! (@thebookishhowler )


16. readers.nook

And last but not least, Hira over at @readers.nook takes these beautiful outside pics and I can’t help but love her account. It’s so vibrant and it makes me happy.


And that’s it. There are tons and tons of other beautiful accounts out there and I wish I could include all of them, but sadly I think that isn’t really possible. Let me know what you think! What are some of your favourite bookstagram accounts and do you have an account yourself? See you next time!


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